Call for artists: "Jewelry Is My Obsession”

Deadline: 5 June, 2013 is a website that is all about connecting people around their interests, and one of the biggest passions areas we are pursuing is jewelry and fashion design.  Currently, we are building an amazing community geared towards promoting and connecting jewelry designers and fans, and we are looking to team up with rising designers to showcase their new and unique designs.  As a part of the launch, we are hosting a “Jewelry Is My Obsession” contest on Ology and inviting talented emerging jewelry designers and fans to participate. A number of independent designers are already interested and participating; however, we love your work and think you'd be an asset to this creative project and community.

No matter where in the world you are, if you’re a jewelry designer, or a fan of jewelry, share/spread your passion on You can post your own designs, inspirations, things you want, or anything related to jewelry. Hopefully this will be the start of a great new community that brings jewelry designers and lovers together in new ways!

The winner of the “Jewelry Is My Obsession” Contest will receive a prize of $250 grand prize and an optional editorial piece with you as the focus, and displayed throughout Ology.

Starting Thursday, May 9th, will be hosting the “Jewelry Is My Obsession” competition, where designers can show off their skills, and obsessors can show off their latest finds for the world to see and love. Create the coolest jewelry ology and share your obsession with the world!

This competition ends on June 5th and winners will be announced on June 6th, 2013. Have fun!

How To Win:

The winning jewelry lover will be the one to rise to the top of Ology’s jewelry community. Here’s what you should do:
- Share your designs/inspirations/etc. on Ology
- Show us your work and a short description about it
- Post pictures & videos
- Encourage people to follow your profile
- Get comments and reactions on your posts
- Connect with and follow other enthusiasts
- Share with your current following on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Etc.

Contest entrants will know where they stand every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, when ranking updates are posted!


The jewelry lover to get the largest following, positive feedback, and most posts will receive a $250, the spotlight in an Ology editorial piece, plus a ton of free promotion.


100 points for every new follower you get.
10 points for every comment you receive on your fashion posts.
5 points for every comment you make on other fashion designer posts
5 points for every new fashion post you create and ologize into Jewelry Is My Obsession Ology.
1 point for every profile view you receive
Bonus points for the quality of your work, and number of pieces you display.

Steps To Get Started:

1. Create and customize your profile on, then start uploading your work, inspirations, pictures, videos, etc. (Remember to send us your profile link to @contestology or
 2. Follow and ologize (share) all of your design posts to Jewelry Is My Obsession Ology.
*To “ologize,” make sure you are following Jewelry Is My Obsession Ology, then click on the post you want to share and near the bottom you will see the “ologize” button next to the share icons.
 3. Share your profile and start a following! Make friends and get as many people to see your work as possible. The more people that see your designs, the more people will follow you.

That's it! We'll be posting contest ranking updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on

Follow @ContestOlogy on Twitter! Also, let us know if you have any questions. 

Jewelry Designer Competiton Link here.