vkunst 2013: Call for Entries

Video and Media Art Exhibiton

vkunst frankfurt


Christoph von Lőw / Andreas Greulich
Phone: +49 (0)69 29728792

vkunst frankfurt c/o Galerie Greulich
Fahrgasse 22
60311 Frankfurt


Deadline for Entries: 22 March 2013 
Exhibition date: 
3/4 May 2013, 8 p.m. - 12 p.m.

In May 2013 vkunst frankfurt presents for the fifth time, current tendencies of international video art. Along the Fahrgasse, from MMK (Museum of Modern Art) to the Main river, holds the cultural center of Frankfurt, where approximately 25 galleries and shops will transform into 'open-air exhibition halls' over two nights.Special features this year is the presentation of the newly initiated vkunst award on Friday and the „Night of the Museums', which will take place simultaneously on Saturday – an event attracting 40.000 visitors last year.

vkunst frankfurt's curators, Christoph von Lőw and Andreas Greulich designed this annual event as a platform for national and international media artists. It provides space for projections, interactive installations and animated computer art. In the recent years established artists, like Carsten Nicolai, Christoph Giradet or Tobias Rehberger, as well as young talents have all been part of vkunst.


The living enviroment of the 21st century has been marked by globalisation that reflects in almost every sector of society. Modern nomadism is everyday life. Even without moving physically to new places, the borders between countries, continents and cultures are blurred due to digital communication.

With this years's motive 'wherever you are', von Lőw and Greulich are raising the question whether unique characteristics of places do have continuance under such conditions? Another idea that is closely linked: Which influence has the abode on oneselfs thinking, mental well-being or artistic creation? Are perspectives changing by new surroundings, other people and unfamiliar manners? Where are you closer to yourself and feel more at ease, at home or elsewhere?


For the first time the vkunst award will be issued this year. An independent jury of museum curators and art experts will choose the in their eyes the best displayed work. The vkunst award is endowed with 2.500 Euro. (The judges decision are final and assistance through the courts is excluded.)

This call for entries is addressed to visual artists who are dealing with media art. Every artist is allowed to hand in one work of art. Please visit our website for further information and to download the application form: