Art Los Angeles Contemporary Edition Featured Artist: Frans Frengen

Frans Frengen, Me, the mirror of nature, 2012, fumagine on canvas, 39 1/2 x 27 1/2 in.


Frans Frengen

Frans Frengen (b. Belgium) has developed a technique for working, coined "Fumagine", in which he uses the soot from a burning candle to draw on the canvas. Beginning with sketches, which he develops over days, weeks or months, Frengen takes those ideas and finally begins working on canvas using the candle flame to manifest his ideas. He lies on his back (an approach that evolved from studying Michelangelo) and works with the flame and soot, using the light that comes through the canvas to assist. Finally he moves the canvas to a tabletop where he finishes with white acrylic paint to bring out light areas in a blue color that complements the color of the burnt soot.

Frengen lives and works in Wemmel, Belgium. He received an "honorary mention" for his work at the Dutch Biennale. For more information please visit: