Art Los Angeles Contemporary Edition Featured Artist: Claire Linder

Claire Linder, 'Soul sleep', Oceania series, Oil on canvas, 90 x 120 cm.


Claire Linder

Born in 1954 Pretoria, South Africa. Lives and works in Zurich.

After thirty years as a botanical artist in South Africa and Great Britain Claire Linder has spent the last few years deliberately breaking away from the constraints of precise painting and finding her way with a much freer approach. It has been a very experimental period in determining her preferred medium and style as well as an intellectual challenge interpreting her ideas on canvas. To this end she formed a discussion group with other artists in Zürich under the guidance of Serge Pinkus, teacher at the Zürich School of Art.

"Expressing myself visually is an intense drive. The meeting of  brush and canvas is a highly sensual act and is an affirmation of that self which responds intensely to form, colour and shape. I am also fascinated by the myriad complexities of our world, the juxtapositions and contradictions of life which at a times can seem so absurd. It is all these elements that keep me constantly rising to new challenges."

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