Art Los Angeles Contemporary Edition Featured Artist: Alina d'Alva

Alina d'Alva, Untitled, 2012.


Alina d'Alva

Alina d'Alva is a Brazilian visual artist currently living and working in Tunisia with a background in architecture and fine arts. She works with several medias: drawing, painting, video installations and performance. 

"Drawing is a technique that I enjoy very much. I think the special language of drawing can touch things that have meaning in life. This emotional moment captured can play deep into the soul of the viewer. My drawings are not representations of situations existing in reality. They reflect a mental and emotional process. They are extremely specific and concise and contain what is strictly necessary to manifest themselves. The drawings are always displayed in groups. Depending on their arrangement new relationships occur, creating an open and ever-evolving disjointed narrative as pieces are added and taken away."

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