Art Los Angeles Contemporary Edition Featured Artist: Mauro Perucchetti

Mauro Perucchetti, The Jelly Baby Family, 2012, pigmented resin, dimensions variable. Installation in front of Le Louvre at Place du Louvre.


Mauro Perucchetti

Mauro Perucchetti’s unique, eye-catching and highly desirable sculptures bring typical Pop Art themes into the twenty first century. Using a range of brightly coloured, unusual and highly finished materials such as pigmented resin, polished steel, glass, granite, Swarovski crystals and gold leaf, Perucchetti fuses Pop aesthetics with social comment, addressing some of the most pressing and difficult issues in today’s society. Above all, Perucchetti is an artist who is connected; he sees the bigger picture of world affairs and uses his art to convey the pulse of contemporary society.

Now exhibiting at Imago Gallery in Palm Desert, CA throughout 2013. For more information visit: