LA Times: Jason Yates at Circus Gallery by Christopher Knight

If there’s such a thing as indie rock, can there be such a thing as indie rock art? Jason Yates’ neo-psychedelic posters of freak-show adolescent overload — individually decorated with enough ink, puff balls, glitter and decorative stickers that, sometimes, the residue slides off the paper and down the wall to puddle on the floor — offer evidence to an answer in the affirmative. To what effect, it is hard to say. On the mezzanine of Circus Gallery, the posters hang adjacent to a hooked-rug portrait of bug-eyed, top-hatted, 1970s blues-rocker Captain Beefheart — a.k.a Don Van Vliet, 1980s Neo... [more]
Posted by Jason Yates on 3/13/10