The Scope of Creativity by Logan Riley

"Beatrice Burel, Gonzalo Ferrer, Frederink Fink, Francois Geffray, Stefania Mainardi, Nazim Mehmet, Petra Nimtz, Catherine de Saugy, and Marija-Tanaskovic Papadopoulos have brought the revelation of creativity to the walls in Ream of Invention, curated by Christina Zhang. These nine explore those explosive moments at the beginning of artistic creation. Each artist brings a different vision to the same moments—visions born in the same space, but infinitely different. The combination of... [more]
Posted by Beatrice Burel on 2/10/13

Catalogue of exhibition - Agora Gallery 2008

It seems fitting that Béatrice Burel sees her artwork as an exploration of sorts. Her dreamy and ambiguous renderings of color and form create the surreal setting of an almost extraterrestrial landscape. She takes the eye on a liquid journey, through vibrant and unfamiliar hues, geologic masses, and translucent layers using a unique method that combines painting, printing, and the “unsticking” of paper on the inked surface. But Burel’s work is not only an exploration of mediums and... [more]
Posted by Beatrice Burel on 2/10/13

Apocalyptic Visions - Art Fair International Newspaper 2010 - Suzie Walshe

While Beatrice Burel’s paintings have the swirling energy of many abstract works, they also suggest something quite different: the murmuring of numerous voices beneath each layer. The artist’s work has changed greatly over the years, and is seldom truly abstract. She courageously goes beyond the given and familiar, pioneering new techniques and materials in order to expand her own vision.                         Heavy, multilayered surfaces and mixed media prevail in her earlier works, where... [more]
Posted by Beatrice Burel on 10/28/10