My Favorite Paintings at Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena

What I enjoyed most at Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena near Los Angeles were paintings by masters old and relatively new. My favorite painting was The Black Shawl (Lorette VII) (1918) by Henri Matisse. This Matisse was striking with his surprising color harmony, his usual motifs of exaggerated flowery patterns, and the strange sensuality he achieved. The lying figure, Lorette, we assumed, in her provocative yet pensive pose, looked like mermaid or a siren, thanks to her form-fitting sheen black gown laced with bold floral patterns resembling large scales, and an extra length of fabric around h... [more]
Posted by Matthew Felix Sun on 12/28/20

My Featured Painting "Apprehend"

As if I had anticipated a gloomy election season to conclude this year, back in late January, I worked on and finished a painting titled Apprehend, featuring a lonely bird, enclosed in a disorienting and confused space, sketchily defined by indistinct horizontal and vertical stripes of various thickness and shades of blue, black and yellow. Apprehend Oil on Canvas 20”x24” Completed in 2016 © Matthew Felix Sun The bird, in cautions pose, peers into the uncertain distance, seemingly full of expectation and comprehension, an apt metaphor of people in this traumatic post-election time. Originally posted... [more]
Posted by Matthew Felix Sun on 12/24/20

My Favorite Paintings at the Broad Museum, Los Angeles

I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Broad Museum in Los Angeles shortly after it opened its doors. It was the manifestation of the mind-boggling concentration of wealth in this country; it also argued for the continuation of patronage system even in our era, and more favorably, the vital importance of educating supremely wealthy patrons, the eventually arbiters of fine art. The Broad Museum truly impressed visitors with its glittering contemporary art collections. My favorite was Untitled [New York City] (1953) by Cy Twombly. This 1953 piece, in contrast to Twombly's usual repetiti... [more]
Posted by Matthew Felix Sun on 12/20/20

Featured Painting - Remembrance

My last oil painting completed in 2016, Remembrance, featured a ghostly profile of a pale and pensive person, occupying lower third of the canvas, head bending down, in deep thoughts, with a barely registered presence. Against this sketchily and thinly painted bust, the strongly accented abstract and dark background, asserted itself strongly, and became obvious the representation of the things to remember, a commentary to his thoughts. Perhaps, the winding road or river in the far background reminded him of the toil in the past; perhaps, the repeating pattern of vertical shapes, reminded his of... [more]
Posted by Matthew Felix Sun on 1/31

My Favorite Painting and Installation at Blanton Museum of Art, The University of Texas at Austin

The Blanton Museum of Art of the University of Texas at Austin was a wonderful museum showcasing collection with impressive depth and breadth. A painting, Woman on Trapeze (1946), by German-born American painter Karl Zerbe (1903-1972) was among one of my favorites there, depicting a circus act, a popular subject in early 20th century, but his woman on trapeze was a different specie from other circus troupers recorded by Picasso, who had left us a considerable volume of his observations and thoughts on that particular group of people. Though tinged with desolation and pensiveness, the Spaniard's cir... [more]
Posted by Matthew Felix Sun on 1/3