"Lines, Marks, and Drawings: Through the Lens of Roger Ballen" at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, Washington, D.C.on view June 19, 2013–February 9, 2014Roger Ballen (b. 1950), one of the more recognized photographic artists working today, is the focus of an exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art. On view from June 19 through Feb. 9, 2014, “Lines, Marks, and Drawings: Through the Lens of Roger Ballen” considers the artist’s 40-plus years as a professional photographer through a new approach: an examination of line and drawing in his photographs. The exhibition features 55 works and one video and traces Ballen’s use of... [more]
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   OUTSTANDING METAL         Frederiksværk - Denmark     June 22 - October 30  201 "The sculpture "Windy Hill" (2002) was my first attempt at creating a large scale sculpture using welded steel. At the time I was          residing at a very secluded location in the hills east of Varberg , south of Gothenberg in the Halland area of Sweden. The concept of the this specific piece of sculpture was to implement distinctive landscape elements that I was using in my paintings. Prominent landscape features that are normally viewed as distinct horizontal planes have been re-constructed in a verti... [more]
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"BENSONHURST" by Kevin Broadbery @ THE SOCIAL. Copenhagen

      The mark of a really good photographer is that you can look at an image without feeling any sense of the photographers presence. Kevin Broadbery has the enviable talent in being able to photograph people and the event without being an obtrusive influence. I have seen him do it. From my perspective to witness the initial intrusion is mildly embarrassing. He just enquires politely if he may? and they avail themselves to him. They strut and flaunt as if posing for the camera is an everyday event and they become the perfect partnership for a photographic autopsy that is all so fascinatin... [more]
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                                     OPENING IN COPENHAGEN. APRIL 2013 At Sturiale Contemporary Arts we have over the years developed a long standing fruitful relationship with our ` friends from the north´. We are then more than delighted to announce on their behalf the opening of a new alternative venue that apart being a "home from home" bustling bar it will also act as an alternative platform for contemporary photography. The name of this new, `place to hang out´ is, THE SOCIAL. It will shortly be opening and is located in Copenhagen on the edge of the former red-light a... [more]
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