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Viewing the Void

by Manjari Kaul
      Anish Kapoor's first ever exhibit in India at the National Gallery of Modern Art is both a celebration of an artist of Indian origin who has won many international accolades as well as an attempt to introduce this renowned figure to audiences with whom he shares kinship but who are hardly aquainted with him. Mostly known for his collosal projects, this exhibition includes a showcase for Kapoor's project models, some of his earlier work with pigments and his recent work with wax and... [more]
Posted by Manjari Kaul on 12/28/10

Meditation on Kapoor's Optic Antics

by Himali Singh Soin
Anish Kapoor’s deep well of color and shapes make your eyes burn.  The outside is inverted with the inside, images are miniaturized and hyperbolic, too close or too far, lateral, converse, perverse, and incongruous with any rational imagination. You feel these things that frustrate and exhilarate you. You wonder about the universe, you wonder about yourself. You think about love, about loneliness, emptiness and character. You wonder how such artificial, solid structures could evoke such... [more]
Posted by Himali Singh Soin on 1/17/11

Vyarawalla Brought to Light

by Shruti Parthasarathy
      Considering its ability to record and bear witness with the greatest perceived fidelity, the photograph has been the natural choice to document history since its inception. The press photograph, in particular, has always been seen as the essential historical document. An ongoing exhibition in National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi, is showcasing the photographs of Homai Vyarawala, a press photographer of undeniable value. The show documents a changing India from the 1930s through the... [more]
Posted by Shruti Parthasarathy on 10/25/10

A Photogenic Past

by Shruti Parthasarathy
The ongoing photographic exhibition, Bhutan: An Eye to History, brings this small mountainous neighbour of India into focus. The exhibition, organised jointly by the National Gallery of Modern Art and the Indo-Bhutan Foundation, traces the photographic history of Bhutan, presenting over 80 photographs exhibited publicly for the first time.Divided into three sections, the show opens with modern digital photography by Bhutan’s current monarch and evident photography enthusiast.  The second... [more]
Posted by Shruti Parthasarathy on 1/25/10

The March of Modernism

by Sophia Powers
After ten years of construction, the new wing of India's largest and most significant museum, the National Gallery of Modern Art, has finally opened, and doesn't disappoint. The inaugural show "In the Seeds of Time," traces the development of Indian modern art from pre-British miniatures to the conceptual installation work of contemporary heavyweights such as Subodh Gupta.  It is really a must-see for just about anyone interested in current global art.  For those who fancy themselves experts... [more]
Posted by Sophia Powers on 7/25/09