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Young Hot Shots

by Manjari Kaul
Photographs in monotone and in rich saturated colours; some on walls of white cubicles, several in open spaces; some laid out horizontally, others suspended from bamboo sticks; in prints of varying sizes, in straight lines and in labyrinthine criss-crossing arrangements; expressing journalistic objectivity or evoking emotional fecundity. A little after you enter India Habitat Centre, you find yourself enveloped by ever so many photographs you wonder if you’re in a world where everything is a... [more]
Posted by Manjari Kaul on 10/23/11

Festival at Large

by Dwai Banerjee
In her seminal book , Susan Sontag compares the earliest impulses of the mid-19th century photographer to the wanderings of the flâneur.  The flâneur was a fin-de-siècle figure that fascinated both the poet Baudelaire and the writer Walter Benjamin.  In wandering the city, the flâneur found in it something phantasmagorical, a chaotic arrangement of the grotesque, an exotic fascination with the unknown.  Sontag suggests this sort of distracted and creative walking is a good metaphor for... [more]
Posted by Dwai Banerjee on 10/31/11