Academy of Fine Arts in Calcutta/Kolkata

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DESIRE, 2011 Bronze
DESIRE, 2011 Bronze
CAT, 2013 Ceramic Life Size
CAT, 2013 Life Size
CAT, 2013 Ceramic Life Size
FROG, 2013 Ceramic Life Size
FROG, 2013 Ceramic Life Size
Academy of Fine Arts in Calcutta/Kolkata
2, Cathedral Road
700 071 Kolkata
West Bengal
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I am essentially a sculptor; ceramic sculptures are my main medium of expression. I was trained as a studio potter, well conversant with all the nuances and technicalities of Ceramic Art. Though I was basically trained as a ceramic artist but regular studio pottery never interested me, I was more inclined in capturing the sculptural forms in ceramics. My cardinal focus is on creating ceramic sculptures, which are representational by nature.


Initially my creations were simple manifestation of nature and moods. I perfected myself towards hollow sculptures straight from Potter's wheel by throwing method. I had experimented with different forms of hollow sculptures concomitant with my ideas on ceramic glazes. And my sculpted figures were solitary. I used both earthenware and stoneware with subdued mat glaze. During this period I had technical limitation on size (1-1.5ft size), reason based on my choice of method. 


On a later stage when I started working at Lalit Kala Akademi Regional Centre, Kolkata studio I started rediscovering feminine beauty and sensuous appeal of feminine self which resulted in creation of "Desire Series". I developed a fondness of a female figure and I did not shy away from celebrating it as this form is a taboo in most parts of my country.


At this stage I tried to rediscover and express the feminine self in a male dominated society, where female sexuality is decided and governed by male desire, fantasy, convenience, reservation and imagination. Ecstasy, desire and pleasure has its own way of manifestation in a feminine self but to project it in its true self through something as immobile as sculpture, I thought, would be challenging and daring. I attempt my presentation to go much beyond the superficial presentation of vulgar and to emerge a washed with complete pleasure and joy of esthetics.  


While sculpting the Desire series of ceramic sculptures, I opted for Slab method and subsequently the size of a single piece sculpture increased to 2-2.5 ft. My recent series of sculptures are no more solitary, they are more than one in one composition. Now the self expression and self introspection of a solitary figure is replaced by interactive figures to web a world of their own. Feminine extends herself to feminine in a complete harmony; void the interference of masculine, a total manifestation of feminine self, rather than playing subservient to male desire.


My approach toward feminism does not conform to the regular notion of it; it is rather subdued and subtle. Further growth of this approach would determine the growth of my visuals. As far as the technique and medium are concerned, while exploring the possibilities of sculpture in ceramics I have started to extend it to other media and plan to incorporate more as per the demand of the composition.  I continue to work on slab method to erect my sculptures; I am working on the possibilities of using the same method while working on different media without using the regular method of erecting the structure with armatures etc. Slab method offer a different possibility to the sculpture and it retains the essence that I want to imbue in my work. This study shall open up new field of figurative sculptures studying the expression of feminine sexuality fulfilling its desire by itself. The study itself is very challenging since it shall focus on how an immobile and inert sculpture can actually portray a motley of different moods, desires and ecstasy.