Exhibit 320

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In Other Words

by Parni Ray
WORDS: A USER'S MANUAL begins with the word, keeping the implicit promise in its name.  Simply put, the driving concept at the core of this ambitiously curated show is this: words, as we know them, denote specific reality, whereas ‘art’ is essentially devoid of any such intrinsic meaning and is appreciated in terms of individual inference and interpretation. To illustrate this point further let us consider the word ‘Cat.’ When I say the word ‘Cat’ I refer to the furry purring creature that drinks milk and eats fish and occasionally chases around mice. Similarly, when you hear me use the word ‘c... [more]
Posted by Parni Ray on 1/2/12

All Five and Counting

by Anica Meera Mann
When pressed to their limit, the human sense organs usually play tricks on the human mind that could range from illusion to hallucination. The exhibition at the Gallery 320, titled Census of Sense, plays with human responses towards made objects seeking a reaffirmation by projecting artists’ compartments. Some make you see deeper and some make you hear more closely. More than evoking the primary senses of the body, the exhibition elicits feelings such as nostalgia, playfulness and a sense of style.   The artists on display deploy remarkably diverse sensibilities.  The works of Sumakshi Singh, Sonu... [more]
Posted by Anica Meera Mann on 10/2/11

The Third Dimension

by ArtSlant Team
Paper Tongues is cleverly curated: though seemingly dictatorial in form and medium, it does not limit its artists to employing paper simply as a medium. It extends into paper as a function of the preservation of manifesto, and an 'exchange of ideas’. The concept note refers to the work growing from a desire to Change, and whilst the decay of society is commonly an artist’s inspiration, the exhibition did not strike me as socially charged or created by 'revolutionary dreamers’. Rather, it struck me as about a Return to Beauty. You are welcomed into the gallery by a giant sunfl... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 5/22/11