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How many solos does it take to make a group show?

After the first quick round of , the eyes quickly bookmark certain works and artists for the latter, slower rounds but the mind, hungry for a single thread of narrative, doesn't find any. On contemplation,  that turns out to be the mind's problem, not the artists'. So used our minds are with picking up a curator's text on entrance and viewing the entire exhibition through that lense, that they suddenly feel ill-at-ease when they have to be the meaningmakers themselves. It turns out that this... [more]
Posted by Sourav Roy on 9/25/13

A Peopleless Portrait of Place

by Paroma Maiti
        Narratives of diaspora give birth to many an art form.  The nostalgic re-creation of a lost past or the more heartening attempt at catharsis through the excavation of memories has been enacted in such variegated forms as literature, cinema, painting and photography.  India, of all places, with its long, tortuous and continuing history of migrations and displacements, has been the breeding ground of many such works. Veer Munshi, a Kashmiri pandit forcefully uprooted from his home,... [more]
Posted by Paroma Maiti on 8/16/10

Modernity Anatomized

by Dr. Rituparna Basu
Kolkata is witnessing a historic exhibition of paintings, hosted by the Birla Academy of Arts and Culture, to mark the golden jubilee anniversary of the Society of Contemporary Artists.  This show traces the development of artists who came together in Kolkata in the 1960s to help young painters and sculptors share their ideas and gain a foothold in the art world at a time when the city was bereft of a significant commercial art market.  As the Chief Guest and eminent art historian Dr.... [more]
Posted by Dr. Rituparna Basu on 12/21/09