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Seamless Challenges by Sukanta Das

Gallerie Alternatives presents Seamless Challenges an exhibition of recent Paintings by Sukanta Das 25th March-9th April 2012 at 102, DT Mega Mall, DLF City, Phase - I,Golf Club Road, Gurgaon-122002We paint so that our canvases become paintings. It aspires one day to become Art. Art helps us to touch upon the march of human progress following the course of society, history and civilization; it also reaches out to both the contemporary and the future. Any artist, deep within the process of... [more]
Posted by manudosaj on 3/25/12

Return of the Pretty Picture

by Maya Mukherjee
Perhaps not all art these days needs to push conceptual boundaries.  At least, a visit to Minni Kumari’s recent show at Gallerie Alternatives suggests as much.  This young artist—hailing from Patna and now residing in Gurgaon—presents a set of paintings that are admirable for their sensitive compositions and mostly beautiful color combinations.  Kumari is perhaps most remarkable for how a keen interest in repetition can present warm and even narrative possibilities so disconnected from the... [more]
Posted by Maya Mukherjee on 5/2/11