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Someone Else’s Home Alone

by Parni Ray
What is it that makes me ‘me’ and you ‘you'? Broken down to the basic unit, rounded off to the last decimal point, what of us will remain if our being, this Sisyphean burden we bear daily, is removed quite out of the blue? A few strands of hair on the bed we sleep in, the smell of skin under the sheets, our well dug footprints on the soles of shoes, tossed indelicately once beyond the familiar threshold of home. And perhaps a note. Poignant in its brevity and aptly mystifying. But will... [more]
Posted by Parni Ray on 7/17/12

Space, History, Invasion

by Avni Doshi
With regards to what might be called a deficit of the continuity of seeing, “¡Space :: Invaders!” taps into the cuts and pauses which make up the condition of viewing, specifically drawing out examples of cultural coagulation which are alternately random, disturbing and funny. The show comes as part of an initiative by the Loft, a gallery in Mumbai, to promote young curators. Curator Himali Singh Soin brought together Spanish artist Ismael Sanz-Pena and Norwegian artist Bard Sandemose. Both... [more]
Posted by Avni Doshi on 3/28/11

Beware of Losing your Way

  Raw, filial, erotic, curious and conceptual are words that might reveal the depth of Zenita Komad’s art—but only in the morphology and movement of the letters themselves. Here is a space where all your expectations will disprove themselves; where your mind and body will fuse and play tricks on your sense of time and space. You enter THE LOFT, (where Zenita’s work is displayed as part of a residency sponsored by The Fuschia Tree),  and everything appears “inside-out”. You pass ‘drawings’ of... [more]
Posted by Himali Singh Soin on 1/27/10