Akar Prakar - Jaipur

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Akar Prakar - Jaipur
Laxman Path Vivek Vihar Off New Sanganer Rd
302 019 Jaipur
Venue Type: Gallery
+91 141 2292705
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When you are surrounded by art, you cannot live without it. Coming from a family of art collectors, we wanted to share this joy. As someone said, art is a passion or it is nothing. This made starting a gallery a pleasure. We began by showing our own collection of art.


Perhaps four years is a short time in the history of art galleries in India, but our involvement has been so intense, we have seen and been part of the changing art scenario in India. If the art community has chosen our newgallery to some of the more established ones, it is perhaps because we live art, our gallery is in our home, and our home is in a homely corner of the city that makes it comfortable to people to walk in and out of. Our gallery combines visual arts with audio visual, performing and plastic arts. The result is a space for thought. While the seniors have enjoyed our fresh and open approach to art, we have brought to focus many deserving but unsung artists, both young and old.


From one collection to the next, we are driven by what Cyril Connolly said so succinctly: The reward of art is not fame or success but intoxication.