Tao Art Gallery

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Tao Art Gallery
165 Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli
400 018 Mumbai
Venue Type: Gallery

+91 (22) 2491 8585
+91 (22) 2491 8282

Tao Art Gallery has been an able guide, illuminating the way to art for more than seven years. The 11,000 sq.ft of space is divided into 4 galleries, owned by self taught artist, curator, connoisseur and collector, Kalpana Shah.

Tao has curated uniquely conceptualized shows highlighting diverse art forms like painting, photography, sculpture, performance as well as installation arts. It showcases works of Contemporary masters as well as emerging and mid-career artists.

The gallery emphasizes on powerful and innovative presentation of artistic creativity, building a thought provoking experience for all our viewers and inviting dialogues on culture, politics, aesthetics and tradition of visual arts. This juxtaposition of a wide range of art practice enables us to perform the valuable exercise of providing an enriched experience within various art practices

Tao has curated international shows at prestigious spaces in London, Tokyo & Singapore for International Institute of Fine Arts (IIFA). Events such as book releases, interactive sessions with artists, workshops and lectures aim to propagate love for art, and boost the presence of Indian Art in the global arena.

Tao’s macro-vision sees art not in isolation, but as having a cohesive relationship with life itself. We use considerable resources at our disposal to promote art.