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Watchlist Artist: Suraj Kumar Kashi

Suraj Kumar Kashi's solo show titled 'It's A World of Desire' is currently on view at Art Alive Gallery till . Inside this vast universe there is "you," a diminutive part of what makes the universe. What surrounds the universe are different layers of things loosely termed good, bad and ugly. An artist is well aware of this reality.  Symbolic of this turmoil, Kashi's paintings take the form of surrealism capturing a real and imaginative state of the human mind. He... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 5/19/12

Maity's Odyssey

by Andre B.
One of the most massive shows of this year is likely to be Paresh Maity’s current solo at the Lalit Kala Akademi. Hosted by the Art Alive Gallery, the show follows close on the heels of the Jayasri Burman retrospective and book release held by the gallery at the same venue a month and a half back. Taking off on similar lines, this show extends the exhibit of Paresh’s paintings and the accompanying book launch by also displaying sculptures, installations, photographs, and films by the artist.... [more]
Posted by Andre B. on 3/22/10

Lost and Found in Paradise

by Andre B.
Upon entering Art Alive Gallery, a volley of brilliantly colored canvasses hit your vision. Bright and intense, highly stylized depictions of flora and fauna make up these large oil works of Sri Lankan artist, Senaka Senanayake. Senanayake has been working for the last ten years to create awareness about the depleted rainforests of Sri Lanka.  This present series is part of that endeavor, and seeks to create consciousness of what is being lost – by painting vivid imagery from nature. Each of... [more]
Posted by Andre B. on 12/7/09

Re-Sounding Clay

by Andre B.
For too long, ceramics in the Indian art world have been considered synonymous with pottery. Art institutions, for example, lay great emphasis on honing the students’ skill with the potter’s wheel – an accepted mark of a “good” ceramist. Considered in this context, Dipalee Daroz’s show at Art Alive represents a refreshing departure from the accepted norm. One striking aspect of the show is the utter playfulness of the works; so much about their forms and finish is evidently left to the... [more]
Posted by Andre B. on 10/19/09

The Big Small Idea; 12" x 9"

by Ananya Mukherjee
What happens when you take a fourth of a canvas and make that your space for artistic creation? Does size change the intrinsic nature of the art work? What can you do on a 12” x 9 " of surface?12” x 9” has never been a popular format, yet there is some history to these dimiutive proportions.  Art Alive's big idea of "thinking small" is an experiment that has brought together forty-five artists from wide-ranging backgrounds with an equally wide array of answers to the limitations of a... [more]
Posted by Ananya Mukherjee on 9/21/09