CSUF (California State University Fullerton)

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800 North State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92831

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The Department of Art which is one of three departments within the College of Arts at Cal State Fullerton - a comprehensive university nestled between the ocean and the mountains in Fullerton, California. Located thirty miles east of downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood and in close proximity to major museums and the entertainment and design industry of Los Angeles and Orange Counties the department is uniquely positioned to meet the art challenges of the twenty-first century.

The department encourages each student to develop a philosophical and personal direction while focusing on a specialization that meets the needs of today's complex mix of art and technology.

Perhaps the single outstanding characteristic of the department is the open and free communication among faculty, students and staff, coupled with a mutual respect and encouragement for all to excel. Central to the success of our specific programs of study is a strong cadre of full-time artist-teachers, augmented by an equally strong corps of part-time specialists drawn from the rich resource of Southern California.

The Visual Arts complex is a village of six one and two story buildings surrounded by patios and terraces so that full use is made of outside and inside work areas in this mild climate. Planned spacious studios with specialized equipment and computers frame this environment so students have ready access to the right equipment to facilitate the process of bringing concept to reality.

Degrees offered: BA, BFA, MA, MFA.

The Department of Art is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

The Department of Art offers programs which include the scholarly fields of art history, theory, analysis and criticism; the studio fields of drawing and painting, printmaking, sculpture, crafts (including jewelry, wood and metal), ceramics (including glass), graphic design, creative photography, illustration, exhibition design, and entertainment art/animation; and the single subject teaching field of art education.

Curricular plans for the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Fine Arts have been developed to meet the individual needs and interests of students in art.

The general objectives of the programs are to provide a comprehensive learning environment which contributes conceptually and technically to the development of the art historian, the visual artist and the art teacher. Specifically, the programs provide opportunities for students to: (1) develop a knowledge and understanding of fundamental visual experience and concepts basic to many forms and fields of art; (2) develop a critical appreciation of historical and contemporary art forms as they relate to individual and social needs and values; (3) creatively express one's personal experience and thought with visual skill and clarity; (4) develop knowledge and skills necessary to pursue graduate studies in visual arts, or to teach art and (5) develop the understanding and expertise applicable to professional practice.