the tradition of the new

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peppermint girl no.3, 2007 Digital C Print 34.5 X 46.5 In © Noriko Yamaguchi
long march to java #4 , 2009 Installation:Leather, Digital Print On Paper 71 X 23.5 X 59 Inches © Jompet Kuswidananto
stele no. bm0801 , 2008 Artificial Stone Diameter 80 In © Sakshi Gallery
the tradition of the new
Curated by: Andre Lee

6/19, Grants Building
Second Floor, Arthur Bunder Road, near Radio Club, Colaba
400005 Mumbai
January 7th, 2010 - January 31st, 2010

+91 (0)22 6610 3424
Mon-Sat 11-6
photography, modern, traditional


Sakshi Gallery is pleased to present “The Tradition of the New”, a group exhibition featuring nine artists from across Asia, curated by well-known Taiwanese writer and museum manager, Andre Lee. The show, which will be held between January 7 and 31, 2010, will present works of Newsha Tavakolian (Iran), Noriko Yamaguchi (Japan), Lale Tara (Turkey), Tsai Charwei (Taiwan), Tu Wei-Cheng (Taiwan), Kuo I-Chen (Taiwan), Jompet Kuswidananto (Indonesia), Wu Chi-Tsung (Taiwan) and Shilpa Gupta (India).

The exhibition theme is derived from a work titled “The Tradition of the New” published in 1959 by US art critic Harold Rosenberg, in which he argued in support of abstract expressionist painting. In terms of art history “new” and “tradition” have tended to be juxtaposed but have always been closely intertwined. Their definitions change with time in as much as what is considered a traditional style today may well have been considered highly innovative at the moment of its conceptualization. Yet, in a truly outstanding work of art “new” and “traditional” are often just different sides of the same coin. They not only exit harmoniously side by side but also highlight the intrinsic value of one another.

The artists in this exhibition come from different places and are relatively young, yet their works reflect on the essential nature of art, image media, social environment and cultural traditions in ways that are every bit as profound as the musings of their older counterparts. Their works also in some ways refute the standard stereotype of young artists. Indeed, the rich, diverse works by these artists that are between the two extremes of “new” and “tradition” showcases the epochal nature of their art. They are like nine art air routes starting at different times and places and whether they cross or run parallel they have already encouraged us to move from the now to the future and to explore new traditions in contemporary art.

About Andre Lee: Born in 1970, Andre Lee was majored in graphic design from the Shih Chien Design College,and got his master's degree in Art History in Taipei National University of the Arts. Since 2005, Lee has been in charge of the management of CMC Art museum, an important western modern art collection in Taiwan, and has observed the development of Asian Contemporary Art during the past few years. In addition to his curatorial practice, Lee has been writing a column introducing young New Media artists in ART INVESTMENT magazine in July 2008, and writing about the emerging art market for ART COLLECTION + DESIGN magazine from March 2008.