The Human Animal

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Mutant Companion Painted Fibreglass 49 X 38 X 34" © Gallery Threshold
One... two... three, tooshum Acrylic On Canvas 72 X 96" © Gallery Threshold
The Human Animal
Curated by: Marta Jakimowicz

C 221
Sarvodaya Enclave
110017 New Delhi
March 19th, 2009 - April 8th, 2009

11 am to 7.30 pm
mixed-media, sculpture


Connectedness between the human and the animal worlds belongs to those phenomena that ever remain vital to experience and imagination and that carrying past heritage demand current re-interpretation. This may be especially evident in India given the open, unbridled behaviour of life that is accessible immediately in the raw along with its warmth as well as drastic manifestations. Villages and surviving tropical vegetation preserve the natural aspects of it, while archaic icons and rituals retain the literally and bodily metaphoric-poetic vision of the hybrid unity between men, other beings and the sacred. Urban situations with their normalcy and incongruities only enhance the direct and complex intuitions that come from living in proximity to animals. We still tend to discover in animals our own characteristics, emotions and condition - from spontaneous exuberance to violence, tenderness to victim-hood. It would be difficult not to filter encounters with them through early memories of fairy-tale wisdom and atmosphere. They evoke basic sensations, be it innocence or craftiness, comfort or fear, but also less definable and strangely subconscious ones that involve both a sense of unity and being alien. Seen in brutally unwrapped contexts, they may let us realise the unresolved dualities inherent to our handling them, like fascination and repulsion , in which there reverberate our personal dilemmas and social factors. The artists in this proposed exhibition address such issues and feelings through a diversity of approaches from metaphoric to lyrical. They have been chosen for this reason as well as for their contemporary aesthetic means and sensibilities that reflect the present circumstance.