Fasting Siddharatha: Light of Asia

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Fasting Siddharatha, 21 FEB 09 Bronze, Brass For Artisst's Proof 33" X 44" X 18" © P S Sawhney
Fasting Siddharatha: Light of Asia

10-12 Handloom Estate
Kishangarh-Manimajra Road
160047 Chandigarh
February 21st, 2009 - February 14th, 2010
Opening: February 21st, 2009 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

North India
91 172 2660130
11.00 A M to 5.00P M
artist's, Proof, smaller, table, Model, also, Available, sculpture
$ 1000000.00


Fasting Siddhartha: The rare statue of Lord Gautam Buddha

As child of 6/7 years I had seen the statue of Lord Buddha, along with my late father. Ever since then that figure was so deeply engraved in my subconscious mind that in the rest of my life till 1995 I used to argue with myself about the sanctity of the rest of the images of the great Lord. Once I got initiated in the field of sculptures my first priority was to search and research every bit of information concerning the same image of Lord Buddha which I had seen in my childhood.

It was from texts and Art literature that I could find an authentic image, from the history & religious books,when I made up my mind to make in Bronze for the benefit of innumerable devotees of the great Lord. That was also not so formidable and that by itself can be complete Chapter, if I will ever get time to write the same.

Not only that during this period only,I got the information that particular statue is now exhibited in the Pakistan Museum, Lahore[Showcase No.15-Left wall].For some time I had thought of abandoning the project, as artist community is hostile to such like intrusions in their sacred field. Lot of discussion was held with eminent legal eagles, art critics and religious authorities. Some of the orthodox people advised me to refrain from making this statue on the basis of some oral tradition of inviting sufferings, but being a non-believer the final outcome is before your eyes. My critics call it a replica. Let them call as they please.

In order to make a perfect piece, the POP model was made and exhibited in India International Trade Fair 2001.Comments were collected and the artist's proof was made and exhibited in I I T F-2002 and finally the final statue was made and exhibited in I I T F-2003. The inputs involved can be well calculated by those who know the working of such like rare statues.

As the cost was prohibitive finally I decided to make a limited edition of the table model of about 12" height so that the light of Asia can spread through out the world.
[i] Final statue in Bronze Size: 33" x 44" x 18" ,
[ii]Artist's Proof in Brass Size: 33" x 44" x 18",
[iii] Table model in Brass Size: 08" x 13" x 3.5".