Leap In Time

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© Courtesy of Max Mueller Bhavan
Leap In Time
Curated by: Andreas Rost

K. Dubash Marg
Kala Ghoda
400 001 Mumbai
March 29th, 2014 - May 15th, 2014
Opening: March 28th, 2014 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

+91 22 22027710
Mon-Sat 11-7


The Exhibition presents outstanding examples of German press photography by Erich Salomon and Barbara Klemm. In their role as photojournalists both of them produced unique documents of their time and as artists they created pictures of exceptional intensity. The Exhibition will be accompanied by the curator and noted German photographer Andreas Rost, he will give a commented walk-through on the day of opening.

We are equally proud to present as a part of this exhibition the exclusive India Series by Barbara Klemm from her visit to India in the 1980s.

Both Barbara Klemm and Erich Salomon have seen themselves as journalists rather than artists. The fact that they are now both regarded as artists stems from the logic of their pictures. Their photos are not just significant thanks to their news value, but also because their complex composition sheds light on the political, social and psychological background to the events depicted. The personal viewpoint of both photographers always remains clear.

Erich Salomon (1886 – 1994) was a celebrity photographer and also portrayed himself as such. He worked with guile and a hidden camera to capture, as the title of his book put it, “Famous Contemporaries at Unguarded Moments”. His methods anticipated those used by today’s paparazzi, but his images do not speak the sensationalist language of revelation. Erich Salomon was himself a gentleman who photographed other gentlemen.

Like Salomon, Barbara Klemm does not stage her photos in any way, although she does not go so far as to use a hidden camera. During her work as a photojournalist Barbara Klemm’s unobtrusive presence has made it possible for the people she is interested in to carry on what they are doing without being distracted. In this way, Klemm frequently manages to circumvent political stage management and come up with subtle and profound pictures. The perfection of her compositions only becomes apparent on second glance.