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Koodankulam (from the series "In my backyard") , 2011-2012 Ink Jet On Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper 60cms X 40cms © Courtesy of GALLERYSKE
cause we felled down a forest, 2013 Rose Wood Box, Musical Movements, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Iron 202cms X 43cms X 49cms, 196cms X 43cms X 49cms, 172cms X 43cms X 49cms © Courtesy of GALLERYSKE
Trilingual Exterior installation view, 2013 © Courtesy of GALLERYSKE

2 Berlie Street
Langford Town
560 025 Bangalore
May 25th, 2013 - July 5th, 2013
Opening: May 25th, 2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

+91 80 4112 0873
Mon, Wed-Sat 11-7; Sundays by appointment
sound boxes, prototypes, photography, conceptual


GALLERYSKE is pleased to present Trilingual, a group show featuring works by Navin Thomas, Amirthraj Stephen and Karun Kumbera. The exhibition presents the distinct practices of an artist, photographer and architect bringing together works that examine human intervention and the environment.
Navin Thomas’s sound boxes are constructed by chronology, solely determined by the order in which the materials were found for their making. ‘Cause we felled down a forest’, a time based work, plays thirty-two movements of the composition “Swan Lake” in different timings out of three sound boxes creating a haunting effect.
Amirthraj Stephen’s photographic series documents the aggressive suppression of the anti nuclear protests of farming and fishing communities for the safety of Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant. Stephen is from a village near Koodankulam and spent months with the community before beginning to document the movement and its rising conflict with the government.
Karun Kumbera reconstructs elements of his workspace presenting interventions, prototypes and conceptual projects that express the nature of his concerns as an architect and urbanist. Over the course of his career, reconciling the basic need for the built environment with sustainability at the urban scale, while considering the human factor, has resulted in a number of ideas. Kumbera’s work, often executed as collaborative projects, is a reflection of his interest in a real engagement with the realities of sustainability.
Navin Thomas is an artist based in Bangalore. He is interested in electro-acoustic ecology and the idea of built architecture co-existing with natural ecologies.
Amirtharaj Stephen is a self-taught photographer based in Bangalore, India. He believes that photographs have the ability to make people look at commonplace incidents in an empathetic manner and empower the masses to care for each other. A strong believer in non-violence and peace, his interests lie in documenting humans and their relationship with nature. He had been selected for and participated in various photography programmes including the prestigious Angkor Photo Workshop, Stream Photo Asia Masterclass and has been a mentee under Lucie Foundation’s E-pprentice programme. During these programmes he worked with photographic greats including Antoine D'Agata, Eli Reed and Nikos Economopoulos. His works have been showcased by World Press Photo’s group exhibitions in Thailand (2012) & Netherlands (2012) and also at Chobi Mela’s Asian Gallery of Fine Arts, Dhaka (2013). His images have been published widely in various newspapers and magazines including NBC News, Courrier International, France, Reuters, AFP, The Economist, The Baltimore Sun, Green Peace, Peace News Info, Telegraph India, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, DTE, Tehelka, NDTV, India Today, and PTI.
Karun Kumbera is an architect and urbanist based in Bangalore. After completing his training as an architect and working in several ecologies across India, Kumbera moved to Paris where he studied, lived and worked for many years. He returned to India with the intention of building a bridge between Paris and Bangalore - his firm Karun Kumbera Architects and Urbanists works in collaboration with Aétrangère in Paris, a design practice that is focused on finding appropriate systems for a sustainable future, and INterland, an office of urbanism based in Lyon.