voyage into silence - paintings

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Untitled 06 Acrylic On Canvas © Courtesy of the artist & Gallery Art and Soul
voyage into silence - paintings

1, Maduli, Shivsagar Estate, Worli,
March 18th, 2013 - April 9th, 2013

22-24965798/ 39536266
Daily 10.30am To 7.30pm and Sundays 11am to 4pm


Temperament is lesion. Thus Vilas Shinde seems to have had a distinct personal profile, but we may only conjecture about it and no more. For those who have known the body of his fairly large works, also know that they are full of half -tints as it were…Vilas appears to steal away and to be always hiding something he lived through.

Shinde has been led to explore a wide variety of emotions or states of being; inner human actualities that he had engaged with as well as the secret features of outer nature . But what he explores and expresses to the hilt is that what may be termed at times our uncommon humanity, the entire spectrum of humankind’s deeper states of soul, moods, gestures and postures. All lights and shades will be found in his repertoire barring, that is, his training period with its usual complement of academic studies. Indeed a rich vein of empathy appears to have been evident in his mental makeup from his very first painterly steps. To find maturation as works of art, that is as raw life experience transformed into convincing and creative statements.

Thus, at his chosen best, Vilas combines in a single, well tied knot a host of honeyed life meanings. His work resists temporal erosion. He reveals himself only by subliminal feelings. The feel goes deep, metaphorically speaking. The maker in him wants to assure us of the truth and authenticity of what is confided to him as person. Through his works run the refrain that the reason of the heart is possible. This way he convinces us of the relevance of certain timeless intuitions, but there is no blatant message in it ever. Now if the artist is reluctant to speak to us directly, he is ever ready to plunge into deep experiencing. Works like his are proof of art’s attunement to earth. And in this sense he appears not as a superficially modern Indian artist but an essential one. This may or may not be ‘genius’, but personal integrity at this period of a violent time are eminently welcome on the present contemporary Indian Art

Keshav Malik