Applied Fiction (Reworked)

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© Courtesy of GALLERYSKE
Applied Fiction (Reworked)

2 Berlie Street
Langford Town
560 025 Bangalore
December 1st, 2012 - January 12th, 2013
Opening: December 1st, 2012 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

+91 80 4112 0873
Mon, Wed-Sat 11-7; Sundays by appointment


GALLERYSKE is pleased to present ‘Applied Fiction (Reworked)’ by Pors&Rao. The exhibition features five electro-mechanical works from the 2011series 'Applied Fiction' that have been reworked from scratch.

The works of Pors&Rao originate from impressions of the unexpected and sometimes involuntary nature of interactions and relationships. A secret logic guides the movement, response, or form of theworks in ‘Applied Fiction (Reworked)’,drawing the viewer into a playful exploration of a fictive world-view and its potential to shape real life.

Taking theguise ofsemi-sentient creaturesthatoftenrespondto movement, sound, or subtle unconscious behaviors, Pors&Rao’s works explore the silent comedy of an encounter that provokesan involuntary reaction or afunny recollection.The mime-ishHeavy Hat, a stick figure in an unending struggle to stay balanced on its hatted head, rouses an urge to rescue it or brace for a crash until itscalculatedChaplinesque sway is revealed. Teddy Universeis a furry bear-like objectbut also a comforting, familiar-shaped view,through which the universe and its contents can be considered.

Instinctiveness, empathy, curiosity, and fantasy is evoked in playful exchanges with the works, while what is known or imagined to occur in an interaction with a mechanical, engineered object with industrial origins is quickly suspended.What results from these encounters is closest to a metaphor for human behavior, one that exposes the comic, revelatory surprise of an unintended idiosyncrasyor a whimsical association with a familiar thing.

The works that will feature are Heavy Hat, Split Knife, Teddy Universe, The Uncle Phone, and Sun Shadow.



AparnaRao (b. 1978, India) and SørenPors (b. 1974, Denmark) crossed paths in 2002, during a two-year scholarship in Italy. In 2004, Pors&Rao began to work collaboratively, and have since developed a multi-disciplinary art practice based in Bangalore, India. In 2009 their early works were shown at The Expanded Box, ARCO Madrid, Spain; Indian Highway at AstrupFearnley Museum of Modern Art, Norway and at the 4th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan. Their most recent solo exhibition, Applied Fiction, was exhibited at CAB-Centro De Arte Contemporaneo, De Caja De Burgos, Burgos, Spain and at the Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi in 2011. Later that year they participated in 21 Rooms, a group show at Nam June Paik Art Center, South Korea. Since then Pors&Rao have concentrated on technical reworks of existing works and the production of a series of new works, one of which is supported by the Amsterdam-based non-profit organization All Art Initiatives.