: “the road of song”

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© Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Art Eterne
: “the road of song”

F 228, Lado Sarai Village,, Next to Mother Dairy
110030 New Delhi
New Delhi
January 3rd, 2012 - January 9th, 2012
Opening: January 3rd, 2012 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

+91 9910333296


In a First look, Bhaskar Singha's canvases wear a soft, gossamer-like imagery, that transform visual structure into relationships between nature and woman. For him, the woman in his art works is the symbol of nature and nature in the work is a way of depicting the many manifestations of the air ground us. In his personal contention, the air that influences our lives, is not 'seen' by the naked eye. But each one of us feels the air, particularly its power. When it manifests itself as a violent storm, a cyclone or even a gentle breeze. In all these forms it mirrors the feelings of a woman, he feels, the feelings that range from fear, violence, or sheer joy, evident the form of breezioness. Adding to the air of mystique that envelope his canvases is Singha's use of colour. The light blue merging with vermillion, the sinuous forms, the emblematic lotus and the ascetic garb of the monks, enhance this overlay. Life seems to emerge from behind a tracery of dragonfly wings, where texture and colour applications cease to be technique and become a way of expressing the narrative behind the painting.

A K Biswas


Artist Says:

Every creation is bound in a cycle which revolves everywhere in the Universes as a wind. As wind blow up and changes its shape in different-different times. Same is our life goes on to reflect the various moods of our emotions. Painting is meditation to me and I achieve pain. Pleasure enjoyment and satisfaction by getting involved into this process of creation. Space, colour form and figures are my sterious balance there by given spiritual satisfaction.

Bhaskar Singha