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72 Bhulabhai Desai Rd.
400026 Mumbai
October 10th, 2011 - October 22nd, 2011

+91 22 2367 1983
11:00 AM -- 7:00 PM


At Cymroza ArtGallery, over the past four decades, it has been a pleasure to present avariety of exhibitions, which has stimulated the interest of art lovers inMumbai. We have always striven to nurture all that is best in contemporaryIndian art, across a wide spectrum of media and disciplines. Art critic,RanjitHoskote, a couple of decades ago, had described the very essence of ourinitiative, which we continue to be committed to, even today:“The Cymroza Art Gallery has always pursued a policy of pluralism in itsexhibiting patterns. Not only has the gallery invited artists from various centresof activity across the country to exhibit in its space, but it has opened itsdoors to visions that have originated in other centuries than the present one,other cultures than our own, and other sources of image-making than themetropolitan, the academic and the painterly.”  As a matter of fact, it was conceived at atime when I was young, inexperienced, but, nonetheless, consumed with a passionto set up an art gallery with a difference. Bombay then had only a handful ofprivate and public art galleries. The art scenewas different, artists wereburning with emotions, which they needed to express and nothing else mattered tothem. The profession itself was not at all taken seriously nor given therespect it deserved. It therefore took a lot of courage to even articulate myplan. JehangirSabavala’s exit is still very fresh in our minds, and there is nobetter occasion for me to pay my respect to this great stalwart artist than onour landmark anniversary: it was him and his  wife, Shirin, with whom I first shared my planto set up an art gallery. Their response was spontaneously positive andwelcoming. Together we sat through what I should venture into and what was adefinite no-no. The rest, as the cliché says, is history.

Modern andContemporary Indian Art has evolved through many phases over the past fewdecades. While the slump in the economy has reflected in sales, there is agrowing interest in art and more and more discerning buyers are keen to investin affordable art. The art market, though, is primarily a market of seriouscollectors and seasoned works of masters such as Husain, Sabavala, Raza, Souza,Gujral, and Khanna are continuously being sought after, but with unimaginableprice tags.As much as he mastered art, for which he earned adulation from thecrème a la crème, Husain never forgot his  humbleroots and in this respect he soaredhigh  above his contemporaries:

“As my paintings around the world

adorn the walls of my friends,

any expression of my gratitude

would be inadequate.”


-         M. F. Husain (1915-2011)


Cymroza has aproven record of the open house concept;it has generouslyprovided space forversatile creativity to fulfil its dream, rather than laying down strict codesof definition.

Chennai boasts of being the birthplace oforganising and professionalising art with the establishment of the GovernmentCollege of Fine Art in 1850.  Ayya ArtGallaries was born 7 years ago, to promote art and crafts in a professional andtransparent manner.   Since its inception7 years ago, Ayya Art Gallaries has grown multi-fold.  It has become a meeting place for artists,art-lovers and art-buyers.  


Continuing atradition of encounter and communion, in association with Ayya Art Gallaries,Cymroza Art Gallery presents an exhibition of paintings and sculptures,“Symphony – A Journey in Art from East to South”, featuring select works by 33celebrated artists.

In an age ofcontinuously changing technologies,AlphonsoArul Doss uses the effects of shadow and light to highlight his subject.•Asit KumarPatnaik,believes that attraction between theopposite sex is a very human and natural tendency. He uses the eyes to expressdifferent emotions. • C. Douglas is influenced most bytextured blacks, nuances by lines to earth and corroded metallic greys. Hisworks have harsh, mild, angular figures, often masked or foetus-like forms.• In his world crowded with intermittent effects of shadows andlight, fantasy and reality and dreams and beauty, ChanchalMukerjee excels himself.• Mythical subjects are his favourites and in the image of Kamadhanu,a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, Chelian,with masterly strokes, uses his palette and paints.  • The intimatelink between man and woman, in favourable shades and patterns is brilliantlyenunciated by ChippaSudhakar. •Using a minimum of earth colours with confidence, Devashish Das makes his subjects appearprominently on his canvases.• An unusuallytalented sculptor, Elanzchezhiyan P.marvellously recreates his favourite themes centring aroundjalliyattu and theIndian martial art, kalari.• FawadTamkanat experimentswith a variety of media and surfaces to communicate imagery, which convey hispersonal fixations.


G. Manohar Raja hasartistically painted a very amiable image of Lord Krishna playing the flute, amidstflora and fauna. • He has worked inseveral media - ceramics, litho and etching, and stories and fables of mythsand religious folklore have inspired K.Muralidharan’s enchanting works.•  A veryversatile sculptor, K. Karuppiahhasa penchant for horses; with fine precision he captures their every movement. •LaxmanAelay’s ability to represent various aspects of village life, particularlyits inhabitants and their emotions, is joyful and heart-warming. •PardipRakshit’s work is inspirational. The image communicates the raw beauty of anunknown realm and leaves much to the imagination of the viewer. •The human figure is ParthaBhattarcharjee’smain subject, which he artfully empowers with various moods. •Rama Suresh’s trade mark is the use of a knife. Postures, rather than facialexpressions, are his unique way of communication.  • Images of Hanuman, Krishna, Vishnuand other mythical personalities, often appear through the ever-fertileimagination of Ramesh Gorjala. • Appealing and well-blended, the work of Ravi K exudes youthfulness, wonderment, beauty and nature.Rm. Palaniappan’s deep involvement in Mathematics and Astronomy opened his mind toproject art through abstract images.• Beautifuland sensuous maidens, in intimate poses, are prominently featured in Sachin Jaltare’s works.•A constantly evolving artist, Samir Aich’s pictorial concepts have interestingly produced worksof semi-abstract figurative themes.

Buxom andimposing women spontaneously emerge from the free line drawings of Santhanaraj A. P.•Lustrous colour combinations and vivid image depictionsmake SekharKar’s works veryappealing. • The different dimensions of urban life are smartly brought to thefore by SomnathMaity by blendingvery select colours and textures.• Fromprintmaking to water colours and collages, SreekanthKurva’sworks are simple, prominent, graphical and stylish.• ShridharPoluru uses rich, primary colours, which lend a keen sense of characterand depth to his works. • Thelife-like quality of SubrataGangopadhyay’ssubjects, adorned with a vivid array of colours, make his works very interesting.•Although SumitaMaity’sfigurative style makes her works appear intense, her blend of colours isfascinating. • Essentially anabstract painter, Sunil De perceivesnon-figurative forms with great imagination. • Well-known for his paintings in tempura and water colours, anddeeply rooted in Andhra Pradesh, T.Vaikuntam’s subjects, mainly women, occupy most of the painting space. •VeeraSanthanam’s portrayal of the much-depicted “Tree of Life” is exquisitely executed.  •A newgeneration painter of great imagination, VennimalaM. depicts research findings, through the mind of an artist, using vibrantcolourings. • Textile and interiordesigner, Vimalanathan S, has fusedhis professional skills and imagination to produce attractive works of art.

In this landmarkyear Cymroza Art Gallery Ayya Art Gallariesaffectionately remember, while lamentingthe loss of, two giant contemporary Indian artists, who propelled Indian art todizzying  heights in the internationalmarket. The art industry suffered a huge blow, in the same year, in the passingaway of M. F. Husain and JehangirSabavala.

“In the midst of life’s hectic turmoil,

painting is the one thing that gives

me a deep sense of stability and serenity.”


-         JehangirSabavala (1922-2011)


These twolegendary painters will occupy prominent positions in the annals of Indian arthistory and their magnificent works will forever be a source of inspiration andpleasure.Weare proud to have had the opportunity of being associated with themcontinuously these past years, and having had their works exhibited in ourpremises during their lifetime.


Pheroza Godrej