Intarsia: Memory Trace

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© Courtesy of the artist & Sakshi Gallery (Mumbai)
Intarsia: Memory Trace

6/19, Grants Building
Second Floor, Arthur Bunder Road, near Radio Club, Colaba
400005 Mumbai
August 4th, 2011 - August 27th, 2011
Opening: August 4th, 2011 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

+91 (0)22 6610 3424
Mon-Sat 11-6


Sakshi Gallery is delighted to present , an
exhibition of recent work by Kim Seola, Lee Hayan, Schon Mendes
and Shivani Aggarwal. The exhibition offers space for introspection, a
platform where the past collides with the present, the immediate
intertwines with the imagined, and private musings crystallize to
create an intricate pattern of thoughts and reflections.
Having seen tumultuous times in her formative years,
delves into the complexity of existence through the vessel of her
delicate artistic idiom. She finds inspiration in nature and portrays her
concerns through the subtle but deep metaphors ubiquitous in our
environment. A pile of ashes thus is manifestation of lost dreams,
while accumulated feathers reveal forgotten spaces. In ropes of
coir which have broken, frayed strands, she sees traces of someone.
Finely nuanced, her works are the bridge between the many worlds
of knowing and feeling.
Lee Hayan
imagined in her engagement of exploring her own status as a woman
and understanding the politics of feminine representation. She
weaves what she refers to as "second stories", which at times overly
state and at other times subvert the meaning of the parable, to
investigate and challenge the stereotypical notions of feminine
perception and representation.
Schon Mendes's vibrant, kaleidoscopic urban panoramas are drawn
from his observations of life in a city - the incidents witnessed and
situations experienced. There is a flurry of activity that his multiple
protagonists are engaged in, and amidst all the cacophony, emerges
a visual seamlessness - a jigsaw puzzle of a world from a world,
abounding in the contradictory and yet simultaneously co-existing
elements that have come to characterize our contemporary
Set predominantly within the psychological landscape, Shivani
Aggarwal's work employs the 'red thread' as a recurring motif to
revisit emotionally complex situations, and to understand, analyze
and resolve the responses they evoke. Similarly in her photographic
works, she narrates a real situation, which she twists and alters with
an overlay of paint, making it even more real.
Speaking about the show Geetha Mehra, director, Sakshi Gallery
said, “It is always my endeavor to encourage young artists. An
exhibition of emerging talent is our annual agenda, and the monsoon
months provide an ideal opportunity to introduce fresh work. Kim
Seola, Lee Hayan, Schon Mendes and Shivani Aggarwal show a lot of
promise and believe that their trajectories will only go upwards.”