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© Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Art Eterne

F 228, Lado Sarai Village,, Next to Mother Dairy
110030 New Delhi
New Delhi
March 27th, 2011 - April 2nd, 2011

+91 9910333296


Sumita Acharya paints in vibrant, expressive colours that jump off the wall into your heart. Smorgasbord, that’s what she playfully calls her works, using the word as a metaphor for the buffet of colours she uses, both hot and cold. Sumita’s works are inspired by Fauvism, an early 20th century art movement pioneered Henri Matisse...the real harbinger that brought the Modernist winds with it. Her subjects are a smorgasbord of expressive images in bold lines, intense colour planes,,sometimes abstracted, often distorted.

Sumita Says, "To me art is a synthesis of personal feelings... the subject and brilliant colours inspire me and my expressionist technique. My materials are "Reclaimed Discardia’ ie discarded printed material, mostly consumerist elements, acrylic paints, dry pastels, cotton gauze, canvas and found objects to manipulate the paint. I use a process called phototransfer which lifts only the ink off the printed paper polymerising the same which is then incorporated into paintings with special adhesives.

My art is mostly influenced by Expressionism, Fauvism and Pop Art, my gurus being Matisse, Chagall and of course M F Husain. I create paintings in expressive, vibrant colours mixing collage, bold lines, sometimes abstracted and often distorted..

I can be inspired by almost anything... the marketplace, cracked eggs, a goat tied to a post, a solitary crow on my window sill, emoting eyes, old buildings or even french fries! I carry this inspiration with me till I arrive at an image inside my head that is my artistic response to that inspiration.It usually starts as a colour idea evolving into a composition. Then I begin to paint sponteneously and a creation happens through me by itself.... I’m merely an observer. I think this way my paintings acquire a soul to radiate so much vibrancy. They are a source of joy and inspiration to those who possess them."