¡Space :: Invaders!

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La Persistence of vision, 2010 Video Animation © The Loft At Lower Parel
Stalin''s birthdya party, 2010 Digital Collage On Polystyrene 120 X 77cm © The Loft at Lower Parel
F.P.Yogurt, 2009 Video Animation © The Loft at Lower Parel
Hurbal Infusion, 2010 Digital Collage On Polystyrene 98 X 100cm © The Loft at Lower Parel
Jehovah Baba, 2010 Digital Collage On Polystyrene 6 X 8cm © The Loft at Lower Parel
¡Space :: Invaders!
Curated by: Himali Singh Soin

C/o New Mahalaxmi Silk MIlls Mathuradas Mills Compound Tulsi Pipe Road Lower Parel
400013 Mumbai
March 5th, 2011 - March 19th, 2011
Opening: March 4th, 2011 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

+91 (022)-30400166
Sun by appointment; Mon-Sat 10-6
mixed-media, surrealism, figurative


Curator’s Note:

Enter: Magical Indian Goddess in Red Miniskirt and Thin Wrinkled American Cashier.

The two worlds are cut, pasted and collide. Blank, untold space cradles uncertainty. Invisible narratives merge incongruously into an absurd, surreal landscape. The real mirrors the false, time is confused and language loses meaning. The tragic thus, appears hilarious.

Ismael Sanz-Pena hails from Spain, and is an alum of Central Saint Martins in London and the California Institute of the Arts in LA. He creates animations that playfully depict the pathos of civilized society where empty architecture barely shelters distorted figures. Their awkward movements grow eerier with the whimsical gravity of the form in which each drawing leads to another, our imaginations animating Alienation. The superfluity of a material society is contrasted with the thin, minimal stroke of his pen.

Bard Sandemose, hailing from Norway and a student of Visual Communication at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, appropriates images with the illogic of dreams. He exaggerates notions of culture till they are stripped of any essence.  Employing self-created stereotypes, his collages abound with power, desire and an illusion of a paradisiacal landscape.

¡Space :: Invaders! attempts to extricate the physical space that exists between people and their environments—geographical or psychological. In utilizing digital mediums, the artists create a further disjunction the audience and the spectacle. The result is a humorous, imagined, irrational reality that is devoid of morality or identity.

And thus do the two artists unabashedly invade their imaginations, our imaginations, India, The Loft at Lower Parel until finally, we invade their space.