Boxes and Bookends

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Boxes and Bookends
Curated by: Rukshaan Krishna

Ama House, Ground Floor, Brahmakumaris Marg
400005 Mumbai
October 31st, 2010 - November 27th, 2010
Opening: October 31st, 2010 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM

The gallery is open Monday - Saturday 11am to 8pm


The present exhibition includes painted wooden boxes and sculpted bookends rendered by over 70 artists mainly from Baroda, as an endeavour to link the ‘artistic’ and the ‘useful'. The underlining simultaneity is the notion of ‘value’. The value of art in its aesthetic sense inculcated within the form of the object which performs as a presence of value. An interesting revelation could be that the aesthetic pleasure, we derive from aesthetically pleasing forms is similar to the pleasure we derive from something significant... of forms associated to something cherished or remembered.

The implication of a ‘precious’ box or the books we read is juxtaposed with the events in our life. The show attempts to edify these treasures of maybe hidden, cherished meanings by this incidence of display. The artistic endeavour is to make sense of certain ideas encountered in the journey of art and life created by the objects d’ art, which work as a projections of valuable memories, dreams or thoughts. It is a concurrence of events along with the gradients of forms and colors, as desired by the artist which combine a sense of usefulness, while also being contained within an artistic realm.

This show seeks to include the viewer not only as a spectator of art but possibly as a buyer of these unique art works. The works contributed by the various artists, are uniformly and reasonably priced with an aim to deconstruct the exclusivity or non-affordability linked with the genre of Contemporary Indian art, thus making it accessible to everybody... Of retaining the priceless value of an art work, while not being subjected to its market value. As an anniversary celebration, this show tributes the 2nd year completion of ‘The Strand Art Room’, which looks forward to continue and inspire the value of art and its ideas.



Ajay Kanwal
Ajay Sharma
Alok Bal
Ambu Rathwa
Anjum Chaturvedi
Anuj Poddar
Apurba Nandi
Atul Mahajan
Baji Adarsh

Bhaskar Vadla
Bhavini Zaveri Tadi
Bilasendu Shil
Buddhadev Mukherjee
Dharitri Boro
Durga Prasad Bandi
Hardik Kansara
Harisha Chennangod
Jagdish Dhyan Shreyas
Jaydev Biswal
Jeetander Ojha
Jigna Gaudana
Jignasha Ojha
Jyotirmoy De
Kamal Pandya
Kriti Gupta
Kruti Thaker Gupta
Kurma Nadham
Kushal Bhattacharya
Lokesh Khodke
Manoj Sinha
Maripelly Praveen Goud
Mukesha Ganji
Nandini Das
Navin Chahande
Nehal Rachh
Nehal Rana
Nimesh Patel
Nirali Lal
Nirav Patel
Nirmala Biluka
Pijush Patra
Poushali Das
Pramod Kumar
Prasad Kumar Swain

Prashant Nageshkar
Prashant Sitapara
Preeti Agrawal
Priti Kahar
Rachna Badrakia

Rahul Mukherjee




Rai David
Rajarshi Smart
Rajesh PS
Rakesh Patel
Rakesh Rana
Ramgopal Kumawat
Ramgopal Kumawat
Ranjita Chakraborty
Rashmi Mala
Rutvij Mistry
Riya Chaterjee
Ronak Sopariwala
Sajeev Visweswaran
Sanghita Das
Sanjay Barot
Sanjay Rajwar
Santa Rakshit
Santhosh C H
Sashi Kant
Sathi Guin
Satyajit Balmik
Shahin Mansuri
Sharmi Chowdhury
Shefalee Jain
Shinobu Mikami
Shital Panchal
Shiva Kumar
Shruti Thakur
Shruti Thakur
Sreelamantula Chandramohan
Subhakar Tadi
Sudhakar Reddy
Suguresh Sultanpur
Swapna Biswas
Swapnesh Vaigankar
Swetha BV
Swetha BV
Twisha Patel
Uday Mondal
Ved Gupta
Victor Minj
Vrindavan Solanki
Zaida Jacob
Chirayu Kumar Sinha
Krunal Patel
Ketan Amin
Prasad Kumar Swain
Prasad Kumar Swain


Ajay Kanwal Rai David
Ajay Sharma Rajarshi Smart
Alok Bal Rajesh PS
Ambu Rathwa Rakesh Patel
Anjum Chaturvedi Rakesh Rana
Anuj Poddar Ramgopal Kumawat
Apurba Nandi Ramgopal Kumawat
Atul Mahajan Ranjita Chakraborty
Baji Adarsh Rashmi Mala
Bhaskar Vadla
Rutvij Mistry
Bhavini Zaveri Tadi Riya Chaterjee
Bilasendu Shil Ronak Sopariwala
Buddhadev Mukherjee Sajeev Visweswaran
Dharitri Boro Sanghita Das
Durga Prasad Bandi Sanjay Barot
Hardik Kansara Sanjay Rajwar
Harisha Chennangod Santa Rakshit
Jagdish Dhyan Shreyas Santhosh C H
Jaydev Biswal Sashi Kant
Jeetander Ojha Sathi Guin
Jigna Gaudana Satyajit Balmik
Jignasha Ojha Shahin Mansuri
Jyotirmoy De Sharmi Chowdhury
Kamal Pandya Shefalee Jain
Kriti Gupta Shinobu Mikami
Kruti Thaker Gupta Shital Panchal
Kurma Nadham Shiva Kumar
Kushal Bhattacharya Shruti Thakur
Lokesh Khodke Shruti Thakur
Manoj Sinha Sreelamantula Chandramohan
Maripelly Praveen Goud Subhakar Tadi
Mukesha Ganji Sudhakar Reddy
Nandini Das Suguresh Sultanpur
Navin Chahande Swapna Biswas
Nehal Rachh Swapnesh Vaigankar
Nehal Rana Swetha BV
Nimesh Patel Swetha BV
Nirali Lal Twisha Patel
Nirav Patel Uday Mondal
Nirmala Biluka Ved Gupta
Pijush Patra Victor Minj
Poushali Das Vrindavan Solanki
Pramod Kumar Zaida Jacob
Prasad Kumar Swain Chirayu Kumar Sinha
Prashant Nageshkar
Krunal Patel
Prashant Sitapara Gajanan
Preeti Agrawal Ketan Amin
Priti Kahar Prasad Kumar Swain
Rachna Badrakia Prasad Kumar Swain
Rahul Mukherjee