Call for Expressions of Interest: International Print Exchange

Looking for a representative artist from each of the following countries: USA (specifically Alaska); Russia (Siberia); Mongolia; China; North Korea; South Korea; Japan; the Philippines; Vietnam; Laos; Thailand; Cambodia; Myanmar; Bangladesh; India; Malaysia; Singapore; Brunei; Indonesia; Timor; Papua New Guinea and New Zealand to take part in a print exchange to investigate and celebrate the notion of the East-Asian Australasian Flyway. The Flyway is the route flown by the migratory shorebirdbird species that breed in Alaska and Siberia, then spend the northern winter in Australia and New Zealand. All our countries are linked by these birds' annual journeys.

Each contributing artist would recieve one of each print in the exchange, and the prints would initially be exhibited in Melbourne, Australia, under the auspices of BirdLife Australia ( We then intend the exhibition to travel to other coutries of participating artists. The planned date for the initial exhibition in Melbourne is May 2014.
For more details please contact Kate Gorringe-Smith at (