Art Frontier 2011

Dear All,

Art Frontier 2011 is a beta generation of Contemporary Art Fairs which will be organized at Ishanya in Pune(India). The dates are yet to be confirmed but we are planning in fourth quarter of 2011. Art Frontier is a spectacular art fair showing best of Art, Design & Architecture at single platform.

It consists of Art Frontier Showcase, DIGI Expo, Architectural Pavilion, Art Film screenings and Fashion shows. The interdisciplinary characteristic & large scale of the event makes Art Frontier stand apart from others. There are plenty of reasons to be part of Art Frontier. I am looking forward for those early enquiries from all of you regarding participation in any possible way. You can see art/Design/Architecture or exhibit, advertise, network or can deliver speech at Art Conference. Even you can party and have fun at our one of biggest specialty malls in India.

Please let me know if this proposition fascinates you in any way. Those early enquiries will be considered special. You can email me directly on

Thanks Regards

Akshay Jirage


Art Frontier 2011 at Ishanya Pune