Chain Reaction

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Karen Nielsen-Fried, Night-Thinking
Denise Sfraga, Blight
Thomas Sarrantonio, In Between
Chain Reaction

547 West 27th Street
Suite 500
10001 New York
July 19th, 2018 - August 9th, 2018
Opening: July 19th, 2018 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Tue-Sat 11-6


The Painting Center is pleased to present Chain Reaction in the Main Gallery and Project Room. This exhibition introduces a novel idea in curation by asking each Painting Center member to invite artists from their respective community to show one work. Chain Reaction explores those selections and its progression with various similarities and disparities consequential of the chain reaction. In their curated selections, members brought together a broad range of artists each with their own distinct studio practice. By combining more than 100 artists working in diverse styles and media, a chain reaction is created between selected artists, members, and viewers who experience the exhibition. A subliminal connection takes place between artists working in community, and this dialogue sparks new dynamics and visual concepts.


Artists include: Rebecca Allan, Claudine Anrather, Mary Anne Arntzen, Liz Atlas, Len Bellinger, Henry Bermudez, Pamela Blum, Cole Bourgeois, Alexi Brock, Mona Brody, Petey Brown, Eric Brown, Kenneth Browne, Steven Cabral, Melissa Capasso, Marc Cheetham, Bryan Christie, Rachel Citrino, Hallie Cohen, Sarah D'Ambrosio, Kevin Daly, Michael David, Susan A. Davis, Meredith Fife Day, Mary Devincentis, Kate Doyle, Olivia Drusin, Michael Ensminger, Camilla Fallon, Pamela Farrell, David Fratkin, Lorrie Fredette, Daniel John Gadd, Henry Glavin, Alyce Gottesman, Elizabeth Gourlay, Rima Grad, Ed Grant, Kyle Hackett, Kelley Harwood, Hannah Heinrich, Paula Heisen, Molly Herman, Ileana Hernandez, Sherri Hornbrook, Maia Ibar, Earl Iselin, Christina Kee, Xico Greenwald, Zachary Keeting, Anki King, Jim Langley, Aleya Lehmann, Emilie Lemakis, Janice Lessman-Moss, Sam Levy, Beñat Iglesias López, Lucia Love, Adam Lovitz, Kathryn Lynch, Jodie Manasevit, Michelle Marcuse, Curtis Miller, Thomas Minor, John Mitchell, Lizbeth Mitty, Katy Mixon, Katherine Mojzsis, Matt Murphy, Andrea Myers, Karen Nielsen-Fried, Jared Oppenheim, Ted Ormai, Paula Overbay, Vicki Pacimeo, Patricia Zinsmeister Parker, Cheryl Paswater, Reut Patinkin, Cade Pemberton, Lisa Pressman, Ben Pritchard, Susi Raphael, Elizabeth Reagh, Marcelle Reinecke, Rachel Rickert, Marybeth Rothman, Jo Ann Rothschild, Joanie Ryan, Thomas Sarrintonio, Roxanne Faber Savage, Sarah Schuster, Denise Sfraga, Christopher Shore, Niki Singleton, Christine Stiver, Sandra Stone, Michelle Stone, Rosemary Taylor, Dominic Terlizzi, Dora Tomulic, David Ubias, Kathleen Vaccaro, Marianne Van Lent, Marie Vickerilla, Emily Vigil, Barbara Weiss, Frankie Wright, Liz Yamin and Jacobie Zaretsky.

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