New Run

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Myungae - Memory of the Human Body, 2017 Mixed Media 20.8"X12.9" (53x33cm)
Hyundae Shin-imagination of First Son, 2012 Acrylic On Korean Paper 20.8”X28.6” (53×72.7cm)
Inkyung Lee - Saw That It Was Good, 2017 Color On Canvas 47.2”X15.7”(120x40cm)
Juhee Jeon - The Gate of Time I, 2016 Color On Korean Paper 16.1”X23.6” (41x60cm)
Cheolseong Kim-Decorum, 2016 Oil On Canvas 28.6”X20.7”(72.7x52.8cm)
Jonghwan Baek - Trace, 2017 Clay And Acrylic On Canvas 35.4”X35.4” (90x90cm)
Kwangil Ryu - A spore of journey, 2010 Mixed Media 24”X28.7” (61x73cm)
Misun Chun - Untitled, 2017 Mixed Media On Panel 15.7"X15.7" (40x40cm)
Jeongok Shin - Swaying Flowers, 2017 Oil On Canvas 19.6”X28.7”(50×73cm)
Koonwoo Lee - Into Remembering, 2017 Mixed Media 23.6”X23.6” (60x60cm)
New Run

143B Orchard Street
10002-3103 New York
January 19th, 2018 - January 25th, 2018

Wed-Sun 11am-6pm


Able Fine Art NY Gallery is pleased to present “New Run,” a group exhibition of renowned Korean artists whose aesthetically vibrant works are now reinstated in New York City, effectively giving a new stage of life to their burgeoning careers. The artists Cheolsoeng Kim, Hyundae Shin, Inkyoung Lee, Jeongok Shin, Jonghwan Baek, Juhee Jeon, Koonwoo Lee, Kwangil Ryu, Misun Chun, and Myungae Woo display mediums that range from the meticulous use of clay on canvas to delicately rendered acrylic paint on Korean paper. In “New Run,” the artists speak to the motion within our human condition where memory, time, and travel express its transient form. Here, the artists gives life to the wondrous and unravel the subtleties of nature -- in a new place, in “New Run.”

Working with oil on canvas, Cheolsoeng Kim paints with technical mastery, working from memory to construct symbolic remnants of the human self. Having graduated with a BA in Art Education from Seoul National University of Education, Kim went on to pursue a MA in Art Education and a Ph.D in Fine Art Education from Korea National University of Education. Kim has exhibited his work in Korea, China, Japan, Uzbekistan, Italy, France, and Switzerland. In his Decorum series, Kim addresses the infinite possibilities of the human existence as it relates to God, nature, and our own visible and invisible selves. Through clean lines and eloquently empty spaces, Kim constructs a series of paintings that create a harmony that exists both within and outside of the canvas frame.

Hyundae Shin uses acrylic paint on Korean paper, capturing the transformative powers of meditation and travel. Shin graduated with a BFA, MFA, and a Ph.D from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea. His work has been exhibited in Korea, India, Bangladesh, Switzerland, and the USA. In his Moshka series, Shin examines the possibilities of human spiritual growth as we transcend this material world and re-enter freer, more enlightened. Using the symbolic image of a turtle swimming through the sky, Shin depicts the transcendental power of the human mind-- one that has the power to both create and elucidate.

Creating aesthetic wonders with color on slim canvases, Inkyoung Lee explores the ephemeral yet harmonious potential of humankind as we exist and breathe through our dreams. Lee graduated from Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, Korea, first with a BFA, and later a MFA. Lee’s work has been exhibited internationally, in Korea, China, and the USA. In her work, Lee incorporates her dreams as a part of the human condition, embodying a micro-cosmos in a world staggering with change and harmony. Her art, then, becomes a vessel full of life’s transient progress.

Using oil on canvas, Jeongok Shin paints refined shapes through her swirling mass of swaying flowers. After graduating with a BS from Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, Korea, Shin later received her MFA from Sejong University in Seoul, Korea. Shin’s work has been exhibited in Korea, Singapore, China, Italy, France, Germany, and the USA. In her work, Shin uses the inherent motion of flowers as illustrative of our ever-changing world. Through the use of multiple perspectives, Shin captures flowers as simultaneously static and dynamic, untethered and imperfect, representative of both ourselves and the fluctuating world we are a part of.

Using sculptural techniques to construct clay and acrylic onto a canvas, Jonghwan Baek creates a self-constructed universe that tests the established boundaries of a finite world. Baek, who graduated with a BFA and a MFA from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea, has exhibited work in Korea, France, Canada, and the USA. By combining clay and acrylic paint, Baek challenges our existing norms of what a painting can and cannot express-- in his work, Baek captures natural beauty with human hands, showing and telling with work that capably expresses remnants of order in a chaotic world.

Juhee Jeon, using color on Korean paper, creates work that expresses the lush, cathartic role nature plays in human lives. After graduating with a BFA and MFA from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea, Jeon went on to exhibit her work in Korea and Germany. In her work, Jeon symbolically places human beings in nature, commenting on both the cyclical power of nature and its ability to reflect on the quality of human life. Here, nature is an ever-present force in a world full of uncertainty; thus, remaining in tune with nature is an ever-constant human task.

Koonwoo Lee uses JinchaeHwa painting techniques to merge the contemporary world we inhabit with its traditional roots, his art acting as both an immersive tool and a commentary on our own complex origins. After graduating with a BFA from Hongik University, Lee went on to receive a MFA from Dongguak University and a Ph.D from Hongik University. His work has been exhibited in Korea, Japan, China, Italy, Ghana, Myanmar, Kenya, India, France, and Jordan. In his work, Lee explores the soothing qualities of nature as it contrasts with our digital age. Through his art, Lee examines our hybrid nature that is at once separate from and intrinsically linked to a world outside of ourselves.

Kwang-il Ryu uses mixed media to create images where green grass floats on a bright blue background, butterflies flitting through the sky--like his butterflies, we move from place to place, forever on an incessant journey.  After graduating with a BFA and MFA from Sejong University in Seoul, Korea, Ryu exhibited his work in Korea, Bangladesh, China, Japan, France, and the USA. In his work, Ryu’s vivid color palette resembles that of a globe; it’s as if his butterflies’ journeys are as all-encompassing and universal as the world we inhabit, and it’s up to us to see its patterns.

Misun Chun’s work expresses the immediacy of the moment, where decisions blossom into actions, creating art. After getting her BFA from Cheong-Ju University, Chun went on to receive a MFA from Sejong University, in Seoul, Korea. Her work has been exhibited in Korea, Singapore, China, France, England, Germany, Italy, and the USA. In her work, Chun explores the process of creation, where imperfections lead to beauty, and process is progress. Chun’s art unearths a natural order existing in our seemingly chaotic world, where the ability to create works as a tool towards understanding our own extremes.

Myungae Woo’s mixed media paintings construct neon-hued bodies that capture gestures and motions in order to express human memories. Woo, who graduated with a BFA and MFA from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea, went on to exhibit her work in Korea, Japan, Venezuela, and the USA. In her work, Woo uses the heightened sensory powers of the human body to explore the information we store in its crevices. Through art, Woo uses the canvas to translate the ephemeral senses the body experiences and makes them permanent on the canvas, instilling them forever with movement.      

Able Fine Art NY Gallery works with both established and emerging international artists, sharing their worlds with our New York audience. Through the works of immense talent and creative minds, Able Fine Art NY Gallery seeks to create a bridge between cultures, a succession of voices, and the melding of worlds through art.  


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