Made Visible - Art Show & Sale

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Made Visible - Art Show & Sale

23 Heneage street
London E1 5LJ
United Kingdom
December 7th, 2017 - December 8th, 2017
Opening: December 7th, 2017 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

24th oct- 28th oct 2015


New Zealand artist AK will showcase her contemporary paper artwork at 5th Base Gallery December 7th and 8th with all pieces available for purchase. 


Made Visible will exhibit a variety of work, tied together by colour gradients rather than content explicitly. Female form features strongly throughout the collection, as well as animal form and some native pieces inspired by Maori, Mexican and romantic cultures. The pieces consolidate her passion for adventure, culture and emotion and convey these through works that combine textures and colours to bring these to life. 


Inspired by the sentiments of the written piece “On Work” by Kahlil Gibran, the idea behind the exhibition theme is for the passion behind the work to be evoked in the audience. Emotions such as understanding, sympathy, vulnerability and strength are portrayed and connected from the artist to the audience through the exhibition title. 


As her first solo show ever, AK leans into her passion for exploring the world, she has adapted the exhibition title from the afore mentioned piece by Gibran as she likes the way it not only relates to her art as her life’s work but also in the sense of it “making myself and my art visible to the public and the wider world beyond New Zealand, for work is love made visible”.

The creation process for her stencil art begins with developing a concept and from this, creating a digital design with a combination of drawing and photography. Once an image idea forms, it’s edited and developed until the basic stencil image is created. The drawing is then transferred to paper and drawn in reverse on the back of the paper. Following that, the stencil is then hand-cut with a full piece of leather attached to the back of the cut stencil to fill out the image from behind. As a final touch, the piece is then framed. The combination of vision, technical design, emotion and physical work is what leads to such striking pieces.

There will be between 15-20 pieces for sale and all pieces will be framed works priced between £300-1000.

The exhibition, Made Visible will commence with an opening preview evening on Thursday 7th October from 6pm- 10pm.

The gallery will be open for general admission 3-10pm  Thursday & Friday.