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Dahn Kim - "Love 2", 2017 Acrylic On Canvas 35.7”X25.6” (90.9×65.1cm)
Sinsook Park - "Blossom", 2017 Putty, Acrylic On Pannel 17.7”X17.7” ( 45x45cm)
Hyungseok Choi - "Silent Impetus 2", 2017 Mixed Media On Paper 51.2”X31.6” (130.3x80.3cm)
Eunsoon Jeon - "The Cock is a Dragon", 2017 Acrylic On Canvas 31.6”X45.9” (80.3x 116.8cm)
Woosoon Chang - "Human as Love", 2017 Mixed Media 28.6”X20.8” (72.7x60.6cm)
Clara L. Mikimoto - "Untitled", 2016 Mixed Media 31.1"X7.4" (79x19cm)
Changdae Park - "The sound has meaning without a name", 2017 Digital Print 33.1”X23.3” (84.1x59.4cm)
Yang, Suk - "Travel", 2017 Acrylic On Canvas 28.6”X20.8” (72.7x53cm)
Hakyung Lee - "Space Primitive Meteorites IV", 2017 Acrylic On Canvas 20.8”X17.9” (53x45.5cm)
HyunKyung Chang - "Memories of Life", 2017 Oil On Canvas 7.8”X11.8” (20x30cm)
Jeongok Shin - "Swaying Flowers", 2017 Oil On Canvas 20.8”X28.6” (53x72.7cm)
Sunsook Kim - "I am dreaming.", 2016 Acrylic, Oilbar On Paper 20.3”X17.7” (51.6×45cm)
Misun Chun - "Accompany-Gentle Whisper" , 2017 Acrylic On Canvas 20.8”X28.6” (53x72.7cm)

143B Orchard Street
143B Orchard Street
10002-3103 New York
October 20th, 2017 - November 2nd, 2017
Opening: October 20th, 2017 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Wed-Sun 11am-6pm


October 20 – November 2, 2017

Opening Reception – Friday, October 20, 6 - 8 pm


Able Fine Art NY Gallery is pleased to present “Omnibus”, a group exhibition of artists representing contemporary art in Eastern Asia. A series of experiential chapters, each artist displays a snapshot of personal existence through varying perspectives. Through a cohesive show, each  singular piece holds a unique spot in a lyrical narrative; devised to understand the multiplicity in the interpretation of the world around us. Specifically, as New York continues to be saturated with a Eurocentric viewpoint, Able Fine Art Gallery strives to inject a series of disparate opinions in order to create a more culturally inclusive event. In turn, the hope is to create a ripple effect, introducing a level of diversity that will become less solitary in occurrence and more of the new standard.

Our artists range from emerging to established in their careers. Sunsook Kim and Hakyung Lee work tirelessly on the cultivation of their craft, actively participating  in art fairs and exhibits, leaping to new environments, and boosting their artistic speculation. On the other hand, artists like Suk Yang, Dahn Kim, and Woosoon Chang have had a prolonged exposure to international audiences. This has allowed the artists to establish their own artistic niche, focusing on a specific technique and style belonging solely to themselves. One thing both groups of artists share, however, is their consistent drive for the next, the new, the better, both within themselves and within the work as a whole

A seemingly endless variety of mediums are implemented by the artists of our group exhibit. Although many of the artists incorporate traditional methods and mediums, some stand out in their vehicles of creation, as they reinterpret traditional mediums to create their own substances. Hyunkyung Chang uses oil on canvas to illustrate the ethereal atmosphere of the nighttime induced by his (and perspectively, the audience’s) nostalgia. Jeongok Shin layers oil paint to recreate the swaying motion of flowers in the breeze. Changdae Park’s photographs, taken using a film camera, allow his large scale digital prints to appear old fashioned. Clara Mikimoto paints on violins, connecting musical and visual art in an unconventional and virtuous light. Anyi Pan uses Chinese paper and sumi ink to make time stop for contemporary viewers. Sinsook Park combines the traditional acrylic paint with the uncanny material of putty in her paintings. Their focus on mixed media shows their aptitude towards establishing their own genre of work through new findings in their extensively comprehensive explorations.

Contextually, every artist has a personal message they wish to convey through their art; a deeper meaning is found in the catalysts of their creation. Hyungseok Choi reinterprets the female nude in Silent Impetus 2. The voluptuous figure is composed of emotionally intuitive and unblended brushstrokes, connecting the human body to a simultaneously soft yet rawly primitive nature. In Misun Chun’s Accompany (Gentle Voice), the artists sings a lullaby to the onlooker with a muted and contentedly inviting composition of chairs, plants, and a blurred, ambiguous backdrop. This artistic choice allows the beholder of the painting to place themselves in her work to their own liking. Eunsoon Jeon’s The Cock is a Dragon vividly relates animalistic morphing in an evolutionary and magical way. Her use of acrylic on canvas is not a visual representation of Darwinism, but rather an indicator of relativity between all forms of nature. As seen by the works showcased at our group exhibit, a painting, photograph, or sculpture becomes profound in the force which drives it out from the artist’s imagination into reality.


Able Fine Art NY Gallery has a  long history of introducing exceptional emerging and established international artists to the New York audience. By recognizing young talents that retain and embrace traditions yet express them through original and exciting voices, Able Fine Art NY Gallery seeks to create a bridge between people, art, and the cultures that cultivate them.