The Nature of Things

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The Nature of Things
Curated by: Karry Ross

681 Venice Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291
June 3rd, 2017 - July 2nd, 2017



Exhibition Dates: June 3rd - July 2nd -- Thursday - Sunday 1-6pm

Closing Reception, July 2nd, Sunday, 2 to 4 pm

The Mike Kelley Gallery at Beyond Baroque invites three artists to celebrate “The Nature of Things”. In a world currently filled with uncertainties the attention to ‘all things Nature’ allows us a freedom of, and connection to the differences in our world. Each day we are called on to make choices about how to live, to be. A showing-up for the not so simple phenomena of the physical world, landscapes, animals, plants; the not so easy human condition man-made structures, social rules; and the never superficial inherent beauty of things—their sense of magic. Each with a language of its own when perception gets a hold on our soul, and we can’t look away from what they demand of us. Art has a way of saving “things” from extinction, even if it’s just a simple, easy, depth of a new color, sound, distraction from—there is nothing so compelling when it comes to an artistic view.

Gallery A: Lillian Abel, “Energy”
Gallery B: Tracey Weiss, “Metamorphosis”
Gallery C: Karrie Ross, “Balance & Flow”

Gallery A: Lillian Abel
“Energy” The scale is played with by shifting and shaping the composition in order to be seen as up close, faraway, from above or straight on. Thus, revealing our recognized ‘world sight’ as unrecognizable, opening the eye to the experienced memory of the coalescence of fierceness and delicacy of Nature's wilderness.

The work depicts Nature, however it is made in the studio from memory, impulse and emotion. The work is created with a palette knife, laying down one, two or three colors together. The result could be unusual acrid colors. The paint is moved around the wood surface to find the desired images. Often times a good image is covered up for the sake of the whole composition; and there are times when all the paint needs to be removed before starting over again. It is a process of finding the desired forms and composition of the painting, while not initially laying out the end piece. My process is to find ambiguous forms and various views that make an impression, rather than an image. The work requires patience of the viewer to discover these forms, which allows a direct experience on both an emotional and intellectual level. Although the overall look is landscape, the desired outcome is the deeper sense of energy of nature, as well as within the nature of us.

Lillian Abel is a Los Angeles based artist who creates paintings that provoke a response to the unknown.

Gallery B: Tracey Weiss
“Metamorphosis” is an investigation into the innate cycle of nature, as well as our own society. Seasons, life cycles, survival of the fittest: these are all terms we come to know as relating to wildlife, ecology, and the natural world around us. These terms also play an important role in our man-made world of industry, advancement, and even sociology. While 35mm slides left the mainstream in the late 1970s as every household’s record of their summer vacation, slide film had an extended life in the art world and academia. Artists’ portfolios were captured in slides well into the late 1990’s and even into the early 21st century for some. Since the digital film has taken over, slide portfolios and slide libraries have been collecting dust in artist studios and educational institutions everywhere. In the work in “Metamorphosis”, viewers are invited to view these miniature, framed images as objects unto themselves, evolving from an outdated photography medium to a new sculpture medium.

Tracey Weiss is a Long Beach based artist who creates sculpture from found objects, as well as ceramics.

Gallery C: Karrie Ross
“Balance & Flow” continues the questions for how exposure to higher vibrations, deep thinking, and taking actions are able to twist perception and create the ability to make conscious choices affecting growth on the cellular level. Art is a powerful influencer. Art that encourages choice creates a kinetic pull in such a way that it takes the action of ‘walking away’ from it to realize something changed and a safe place using space/time experiences now exists. “Balance & Flow” presents the experience of process intense abstract paintings, paired with a 3D installation on the 5 Elements—together offering choices and reflection of ‘what is’ and ‘what’s next’—as a rock is to a stream, intentionally balancing conflict in the flow dynamic—a sense of magic, inherent beauty.

Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles based visual artist, who offers choices, and a sense of ‘safe’ through paintings, and interactive installations, allowing a twisting of perceptions using kineticly infused visual experiences.

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