Moving Space

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Moving Space
Curated by: Lavinia Freitas

Saalfelder Straße 8 b
04179 Leipzig
December 11th, 2017 - December 11th, 2017

Normal 11,00 € (consession 8,50 €) Family ticket 29,00 €, School groups from 12 people 4,00 €


'ILLUSION – MOVING SPACE' is the second edition of ILLUSION, a series of exhibitions that indicate, sharpen, and challenge how we perceive the world around us. Leading and emerging artists respond to the spatial industrial context of the Kunstkraftwerk with sculptures, objects and site-specific art installations.

Our perception of the self and the world around us is moulded by our senses and our mental models which, in turn, are shaped by past experiences. Our human tendency is to get trapped in our familiarity, losing our sense of awe and wonder for our surroundings. ‘MOVING SPACE' is intended as an antidote to this preconceived sense of order and meaning.

Featuring both existing and newly commissioned works by Leipzig-based and international artists, MOVING SPACE evokes a certain aspect of how we perceive the world. With the use of intangible materials such as sound, colour, light as well as physical elements such as an endoscopy pill, threads, mirrors, an artist’s inner body, each artwork subverts and sharpens the experience of the setting while inciting us to step into the boundary between presence and absence and the internal and external.

Far from offering a utopian journey, by navigating, wandering and wondering, MOVING SPACE will allow us to enter into a state of introspection that is unique to each of us. Ultimately, it will enable us to look at ourselves, each other and the world in a new light along with the understanding that reality's existence hinges on our consciousness as observers and explorers as well as our openness and empathy for each individual’s unique experience and perspective.