The Only Way Out Is In

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Julia Couzens, "Sweet", 2011 Mixed Wire,Rope, Yarn, Thread, Plastic, Bungee Cord 34x28x23 Inches
Julia Schwartz "Trapeze", 2016 Oil On Linen 36 X 36
Coleen Sterritt, "Vixen", 2013 Wood, Rattan,Paint 56"X32"X40"
The Only Way Out Is In
Curated by: Rochelle Botello

1000 West Foothill Boulevard
91741 Glendora
March 1st, 2017 - May 12th, 2017
Opening: March 1st, 2017 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Citrus College Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of The Only Way Out Is In, a group show of sculptures and paintings by six L.A. artists who use abstraction to question the idea of “place.” The title refers to the ways in which artists absorb, navigate and use fragments of their realities to inform their work.  With these works, the meaning of place becomes fluid, merging what’s out there and what’s inside to reveal the connection between culture, nature, mythology, memory, and the psyche. There is an intuitive impulse here, a desire to go inward and to be in tune with the process of mark making. Marion Lane’s paintings are atmospheric fields of color that are otherworldly, capturing traces of an imagined, dreamlike landscape.  Using repurposed materials, primarily textiles, Julia Couzens creates intuitive work that conjures linear rhythms and visual sequences to suggest nature's infrastructure of webs, nests, and nervous systems -- or the flotsam and jetsam of daily life, such as agricultural tailings and demolition sites. Julia Schwartz’s paintings use  gestural marks and washes of color to create imagery that appears to be in flux and reveals a deeper truth about being. Coleen Sterritt creates poetic, geometric and organic sculptures that are imbued with wit and humor while addressing the relationship with lived experience, nature and culture. She uses materials found from her  immediate environment including cast off pieces of wood or furniture.  Nzuji  De Magalhaes creates labor intensive color saturated patterned wall works constructed out of yarn and beads that explore themes related to culture, mythology and folklore.  The works have architectural influences that, like a fragment of a memory, fuse environments together that are both oddly familiar and otherworldly. Mela M. creates playfully sophisticated  geometric wall works informed by personal experiences that reference both architectural and psychological topography.