5 Dimensions of Beauty

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5 Dimensions of Beauty
Curated by: Artem Berkovich

8 Марта, 1
620014 Yekaterinburg
March 2nd, 2016 - April 17th, 2016


5 Dimensions of Beauty

Start: 2. March 2016
End: 17. April 2016

For centuries European art created primarily by men sought ideals of beauty, inspired by women. In the XXI century, on the contrary, women are exploring the beauty of nature in the reflection mirror male eyes. The exhibition "Beauty 5 dimensions" presented five separate series of three photos of women, where they are in their own way interpret the stereotypes of femininity and beauty in classical painting, literature, theater or advertising. Each of the sections of the exhibition is decorated differently: as a classical museum hall or street of the city, the interior is cozy home or an artist's palette. The exhibition is open until April 17th. Physicists say that the universe has four dimensions (three-dimensional space and time), but there is also a fifth, which is not registered with the device - it is the world of our imagination. The fifth dimension is described by the poems, paintings, music ... Beauty - away from an imaginary world, one can not speak about the beautiful things, a landscape or a woman outside the context of culture. And a study of beauty - is a dialogue that has been created before.