Silvio Alvarez

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São Paulo
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São Paulo
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Collage Artist
collage, sustainability, paper, Silvio, Alvarez, Art, Brazil, surrealism

A São Paulo City plastic artist, 43, self-taught, working with collage since 1989.

Alvarez gives us a cheerful picture of everyday life in the big city, without, however, failing to provide a critical analysis of society.

Silvio believes that the most important raw material in his work—even more important than paper—is patience. He cuts out images from magazines or publicity leaflets, one by one, to create a world that is wholly his own, magic and surreal.

In 2009 , during the environment week, gave a important step in his professional carrier when made a panel for Editora Abril with the participation of all employees of the company.

The piece with the title “The tree” ( collage over MDF - 250 x 350cm ), become part of the collection of the Sustainability Open Museum, located at Praça Victor Civita, neighborhood of Pinheiros , in São Paulo.