Sabina Cosic

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Elevator, APPARATUS, 2009 Digital Composition 20"X20" © Sabina Cosic 2010
J. Morin, TRIPP, 2009 Digital Composition, Photography 40"X50" © Sabina Cosic 2010
Little Red Riding Hood 9 of 10, GRIMMED, 2008 Digital Composition, Photography 10"X12" © Sabina Cosic 2010
Illustration 2 of 10, MARY MAE FINDS CHAOS, 2010 Digital Composition 40"X40" © Sabina Cosic 2010
'I' is for Ida, who drowned in a lake, THE GASHLYCRUMB TINIES TRIBUTE, 2009 Digital Composition, Photography 40"X40" © Sabina Cosic 2010
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Bosanski Novi, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Columbia College Chicago, 2009, B.F.A. Photography
mixed-media, pop, surrealism, modern, traditional, photography, digital

Uncertainty is intriguing. Communication without the use of words is a dangerous venture across a minefield of misunderstandings and uncertainty. When there is a perfect execution of this practice, however, a special moment of synergy occurs; a new level of comprehension. This could occur between two individuals, an individual and an object, or a designer to the ‘it’ moment when that letter is kerned ‘just right.’

I grew up in three countries on two continents. The majority of the time, I was dropped into situations where my only reliable method of communication was visual; gestures and expressions. Once I picked up the language, I was haunted by the use of sounds and letters, and the ways in which they are representative of one another.  I constantly spend hours of my day thinking about the perfection of visual communication without the need for audience laughter.

In my work, imagination is a key factor. Fairy tales have always been a part of my life, due to having spent most of my childhood in Bavaria, Germany. Whether I loved or hated them, they made an impression on my imagination and my visual representation of fantasy. I was also fortunate enough to spend the impressionable years of my life in the nineties. It gave me the advantage of seeing children’s programming that, upon recent viewing; makes me question my generation’s sanity.  I naturally gravitate to grotesque children’s books and horror stories, not to enjoy and experience the fear, but the find the humor in them.

This marriage of wordless communication and unconventional sources of inspiration that I have concocted has produced work with subject matter ranging from centuries old classic fairy tales to stories told by persons under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs; subjects where there are no wrong answers and a lack of certainty about what constitutes reality.

I often forget to mention my desire to create work. This happens simply because I forget that I am making work, as I don’t see it as work. Everything I have done thus far and continue to do has been a challenging and exciting equation that I am solving to the best of my knowledge. I am incredibly engaged in my field. My idea of a good time is what I love to do.

My intentions in furthering my education are to gain additional knowledge and skill in the field of Graphic Design. I wish to pursue a career in image making and visual communication. However, I am grounded and practical in my beliefs and prefer to plan a complete attack to the end of achieving my ambitions. Adaptation is something that I feel is a necessary part of living and surviving in our world. Furthering my knowledge is a step towards adapting to my artistic potential and place in the Art and Design industry. Without hesitation, my desire has always been to end this letter in the words of Edgar Allan Poe, “I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.” Solidity is settling.


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