Undine Brod

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Family Portrait, 2010 Stuffed Animals, Picture Frames, Felt, Thread 80” X 45” X 11”
Bound by Order, 2011 Brick Clay, Plush Toy, Nail Polish 20" X 15" X 15"
Bah Bah Black Sheep, 2011 Brick Clay, Spindles, Faux Fur, Acrylic, Wax 46” X 20” X 14”
Comfortable Dissatisfaction, 2011 Brick Clay, Slip, Glaze, Floor Wax, Pillows, Wood, Old Bed Sheet, Thread 42” X 22.5” X 22.5”
My Brick Road Ain’t Yellow, 2011 Bricks, Brick Clay, Wood, Salvaged Fur Coat, Wood Putty, Embroidery Floss, Adhesive 23” X 11” X 18” (Figure)
Are you my father? No, I am not., 2012 Brick Clay, Salvaged Fur, Spray Plaster, Acrylics, Ink, Floor Wax, Adhesive 7.5” X 9.5” X 5.5”
Unseen I, 2011 Stoneware, Salvaged Fur Coat, Watercolor, Floor Wax, Adhesive 7” X 6.5” X 10.5”
Unseen II, 2011 Stoneware, Salvaged Fur Coat, Watercolor, Floor Wax, Adhesive 7.5” X 5.5” X 9.5”
Unseen III, 2011 Stoneware, Salvaged Fur Coat, Watercolor, Floor Wax, Adhesive 12” X 6” X 8”
Do you love me?, 2012 Brick Clay, Glaze 15” X 36” X 12”
My Wish , 2012 Brick Clay, Found Wooden Toy, Floor Wax 15” X 7.25” X 18.5”
With Love , 2012 Brick Clay, Found Cradle, Fabric, Polyester Stuffing, Glaze, Acrylics, Floor Wax 19” X 20” X 15”
Walking Through Life I , 2012 Brick Clay, Salvaged Fur Coat, Found Spindles, Acrylics, Adhesive, Wire 38.5” X 24” X 8.5”
Walk Through Life II , 2012 Brick Clay, Salvaged Fur Coat, Found Spindles, Acrylics, Adhesive, Wire 47” X 18” X 29.5”
Disillusioned, 2012 Brick Clay, Salvaged Fur Coat And Pelts, Faux Fur, Glaze, Ink, Adhesive 21” X 15” X 21”
Left Hanging , 2012 Brick Clay, Salvaged Fur, Leather, Found Wooden Piece, Floor Wax 17” X 18.5” X 10.5”
Pride and Sorrow, 2012 Brick Clay, Salvaged Fur Coat And Leather, Deer Antlers, Glaze, Adhesive 17” X 15.5” X 15”
Walk With Us , 2012 Plush Toys, Wood, Wire, Polyester Stuffing, Insulating Foam White Figure: 96” X 24” X 36”
Ready, but unable., 2014 Clay, Floor Wax, Chair, Roller Skates, Fabric, Polyester Stuffing, Rope 32.5” X 14” X 16.5”
Lost Lives, 2014 Clay, Glaze, Wood, Pipes, Pipe Fixtures, Tassels, Screws, Nails Tall: 68” X 16” X 16” Short: 62” X 15” X 15”
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Los Angeles
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New York
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New York
University of Washington, 1998, BFA, Ceramic Art & BA, Interdisciplinary Art
The Ohio State University, 2011, MFA
Undine, Brod, ceramics, ceramic, clay, objects, doll, dolls, animal, Seattle, mixed-media, sculpture

     Animals have been used in stories as metaphors and analogues for human experiences and feelings for ages. Their representations are a source of comfort, protection, wisdom, tragedy, and sorrow. In reality, we manipulate, control, use, and abuse these very same animals for our own benefit. The sculptures I create stem from this dichotomy.

      My recent work consists of hand-built clay and mixed media animal sculptures adorned with non-traditional ceramic surfaces. The composite animals are not individual portraits nor individual portraits; rather they embody elements from several species into distinct forms. The animals function as representations of emotional states not fixed to time, place, or specific experiences. They are fractured and dislocated, reflecting my experience of a contemporary culture that is not whole.

     The animal works are tender, innocent survivors of exploitation and alteration. They call out for attention from their disturbed and/or overly loved states. Expressions of distress, suffering, sorrow, despair, despondence, dejection, desperation, and anguish exist side-by-side with qualities of being well-loved and having lived well. The animal figures represent the point where the innocent become the manipulated, controlled, exploited, and sometimes feared. They are at a place of no return, worn down and on the edge of existence. Through my work I aim to suggest that violence and vulnerability is not out in some far-off war zone, but rather at the very heart of our domestic lives’ chaos and disorder.

—Undine Brod, February 2014

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