David G. Danielson

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celestial baptism/washing away one less reassurance in the world Photomontage 21 3/4"X 26 1/4"
variations on the glass bead game Photomontage 22"X 26 1/4"
Quick Facts
St. Cloud State University, 1978, B.F.A.
mixed-media, surrealism, photography, digital

Most of my creative life has involved manipulated photography. I developed an interest in photomontage while studying Dada, Surrealism, and Constructivism. I was drawn to the hallucinatory landscapes that occur when common place objects and arcane fragments of memory and culture become enigmatic when reorganized into provocative associations. My work has included both schools of photomontage, the Dadaist/Surrealist approach which unconsciously, attempts to avoid expression of an ideology implicitly present in any image that is intended to represent reality. The Constuctivist approach that reveals idealogy for exactly what it is, rendering the class structure of social relationships and demystifying the visual propaganda from mass cultural media .