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A Picture of My Willie for ALL to See Now!

Thought that it might be a good idea now it seems i'm no longer able to add Artworks to this site anymore as i have in the past for whatever reason it be, that i'd try to add it this way! This is a portrait of Willie Nelson at Glastonbury 2010 when i was lucky enough to catch him LIVE! [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 3/1/14

I sold the rights to my Artslant blog "96 Hrs. to L.A. and back" for five figures!

Many of my readers will be familiar with my blog "96 Hrs. to L.A. and back", and i'm sorry to have to tell you that there will be no more due to the fact i sold the rights to the story and it effectively is NO LONGER mine! I was as surprised as anyone when i received an e-mail inquiring if i would "sell my Blog", well atleast the story "96 Hrs. to L.A. and back",i thought sure, i'd have no problem with that,.......... i get paid and they get to do what they want with the original. So for people to think oppurtunies don't exist i'm proof to tell you they do, i NEVER had any intention other than to put the story... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 2/6/13

Strangled to death by his own invention!

Thomas Midgley, born May 18,1889 on College Hill, Beaverfalls Pennsylvania. "Who the hell is he you might ask"?, and "How he has affected every person on the planet alive now and in the indefinite future for generations to come",................I'll explain. Midgley, a man who never knew the damage he was directly linked to, as in his mind he was "helping" mankind by creating a fuel additive known then as Tetraethyl lead and Bromine in 1921, for the reasons of stopping the knock in the early combustion motors of cars and trucks, and was so toxic it not only poisoned him, but is responsible f... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 1/7/13

I was totally pilled out and stoned again!

       To be read after "Playboy and Hef the Monument  to American culture" for continuity in - 96hrs. to L.A. and back -   Well that had been fun, meeting Hef finally and watching him at his work, this was something like watching DaVinci i'm sure, yes two completely different types of expertise and genius but UNDOUBTEDLY BOTH will be remembered throughout the future annuls of history.  Sonya and Meredith had been waiting just outside for me while i'd been in my meeting, and when i exited, they both came up and playfully kissed me on the cheek and told me we were heading "home" now for the nig... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/21/12

Thank you to ALL my 20,000 subscribers on!!

 I just wanted to write a big THANK YOU to all the TWENTY thousand subscribers to my Artslant site and BLOG as i have just recently been told!  Quite incredible i think, when i started "blogging" five years ago on my Artslant page i would've never imagined that it would've been as popular as it has become!  I'll be posting another chapter of my "96hrs. to L.A. and back" later on tonight my time, in about eight or nine hours or so so stay tuned!  Sincerely,      James [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/20/12

Playboy and Hef the "Monument" of American culture.

                       To be read after "Snoop Dogg was nowhere in sight" for continuity in - 96 hrs. to L.A. and back-   Sonya,..............Meredith, would you mind, i'd like to talk to James privately, and on that they both exited leaving us alone. Please........... have a seat for me James and i'll just finish this up as we speak.  "Have ya had some fun tonight James"?,........... "fun, would be an under-statement" i reply, "this whole day full stop is beyond my wildest dreams" i added. "Good, good, we were hoping the house and party would be suitable for your visit to see... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/17/12

Snoop Dogg was nowhere in sight!

                 To be read after "She had gotten off by almost getting me off" for continuity in - 96hrs. to L.A. and back!  I remember standing there thinking to myself after this angel departed well what the hell was that about? I reckon she was just horny as i look in the mirror while washing my hands and face briskly to try too liven up some more, that little brief interlude certainly helped "wake me up"!  I also remember think that there was NO WAY i was going to tell anyone else, ESPECIALLY Sonya or Meredith, that was info not required to know for these two, this would remain unknown to... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/15/12

She had gotten off by almost getting me off!

                To be read after "Time and MDMA are strange companions" for continuity in-96 hrs. to L.A. and back-   We stagger out of the limo after the door opens, Otis says he'll be right here as there's no need to move at this point in time, i take note and we head past the security guys we passed by no more than fifteen minutes earlier heading in the OTHER direction!  The "ladies" need to freshen up abit as do i so we decide to go to the restrooms and atleast look as presentable as possible, they were looking fine no worse for wear at all, the "make-up computer" which Meredith had used b... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/14/12

Time and MDMA are strange companions!

                                     To be read after " Rolling a good joint is a real Talent" for continuity.   Sonya starts to hand this five inch long joint in my direction but i stop and insist she do the honors of having the first tokes, a common rule in my books is, if someone makes it then they should naturally be the first to enjoy the rewards of their effort, both Meredith and Sonya were lightweights when it came to smoking weed so i knew it wouldn't be long before it headed in my direction. I was really hoping it would give me abit of a mental pick-up, i was alright though, totally toast... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/12/12

Rolling a good joint is a real Talent!

                                      To be read after "The Love Boat is dated now" for continuity in - 96 hrs. to L.A. and back!  This wasn't good for me now, i was beginning to think that this was gonna be a big hit and miss for the night then Sonya mentioned that there's always the "after party" later on that very day,.......... shit, i had forgetten totally about the after parties, these were fairly low key and really a chill-out from the previous nights drugs that's what i've always thought them to be atleast!  The "ladies" know that my energy levels are starting to fall and suggest that we j... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/11/12

The Love Boat is dated now!

                      To be read after "Vince Neil made Elvis look anorexic" for continuity in - L.A. and back! -  I have to admit i was at a slight advantage here at the party as most of these people were already known to me, well atleast their faces and their names were, and maybe a movie or television program they had been on, while i on the other hand was someone rather "anonymous" and unknown to all, aswell as having travelled all the way from Australia for the "gig" - which was a bonus for me as i would soon come to find out.  I was having fun in a way just doing what we were doing... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/10/12

Vince Neil made Elvis look anorexic!

                                   To be read after "Jesse James ISN'T a Tough guy" for continuity.   Sonya really had knowledge in someway on just about everyone we came across, she was young but beyond her years when it came to this lifestyle, and was the "perfect" match for me as a "companion" this night, Meredith was an added bonus thanks to the "Noh" crew being unable to attend to to their inebriation on the "green fairy", never mind their loss and my gain, i'm glad about that anyway, Yakuza aren't known for their "gentlemen" like behaviour when it comes to a female when they've paid for... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/8/12

Jesse James ISN'T a Tough guy!

                    To be read after "It was like Glee had come to life" for continuity in - 96 hrs. to L.A. and back!-   This "underground monorail" was so cool, we can just as easily walk down a flight of stairs, hop into this little monorail rig and be over to the Main House in about ten seconds flat! We'd already done this before except this time we were one down, so Meredith and i took the backseat this time while Sonya did the "driving", huh, all she really did was push forward a gear which engaged the magnets and we were off, moving on the monorail silently that is, and we were all MORE THA... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/6/12

It was like Glee had come to life!

                                             To be read after "I was like walking on the Moon" for continuity.   I was starting to get REALLY energetic after my brief but needed break and said to the ladies let's go have a boogie, there were DJ's there who were just outstanding, both in technique and sounds, total "Worldies"! We had a dance which i might add was something special, not only was i dancing with Sonya and Meredith, but with other people who were only seen by myself prior on the Television or the movie screen, there were some older groovers like Helen Hunt and "Weird" Al Yankovic hav... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/4/12

I was like "walking on the Moon"!

                    To be read after "A Jackson Pollock like style in Beer and Faeces" for continuity in - 96 hrs. to L.A. and back!   I was just about done with the doobie and feeling alittle more aware, focused maybe, but as soon as i was finished Sonya say's "there he is!" as she points we look and sure enough there he was alright, the only problem is we were up here and he was down there, surrounded by about three hundred people.   The ladies and i quickly head off the same way we got up here and are through and down the building in what seemed to be five seconds flat, it couldn't of possibly... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/2/12

A Jackson Pollock like style in Beer and Faeces!

                     To be read after "Steve-O had a tube up his butt there" for continuity in- 96 hrs. to L.A. and back! We're all fixated at this act of pure stupidity down below as i take a load off my feet to roll a nice bit of this Charlie Sheen bud up into an epic spliff. We continue to watch as the crowd begins to build around Steve-O as he's almost "downed" if that's the correct word for what i'm seeing this fruitcake act out in front of our very eyes, there must be sixty?.......eighty.?..... fu*k, there must be atleast eighty people NOT including us in this "beer slammer" too remember!... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/1/12

Steve-O had a tube up his butt there!

                                 To be read after "What did 50 Cent just say" for continuity in -- "96hrs. to L.A. and back"!   After we passed by the passed out Dyrdek and friend, "What did they have anyway....... who the fu*k knows or cares" this place reminded me more of my older brothers Fraternity House.  There were what we call in Australia the "piss-heads" in here ,all failed party-goers, too much fun is never enough for some and these were only a small group of these unfortunate sods, as they are really gonna miss the BEST part of this party now, and the Party and the drugs are certainl... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/30/12

What did "50 Cent" just say to me?

                                               To be read after "Robert Downey Jr. asked me?" for continuity.  I decide to attack this problem of not being able to find Hef from a whole new angle and ask Sonya if we can get up somewehere above the crowd to see if we can catch an eye on the elusive Hef, if he's out here we should be able to see as i look up and point to the verandah on the second floor to Sonya .......she agree's and the three of us continue on our mission and as we do Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi, the very band which Wayne Isham did video's for and now he's here aswell,.......which th... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/29/12

Robert Downey Jr. asked me?

                                        To be read after "Shannon Tweed's see through top" for continuity.   We'd only begun to hit the fringe of the real party-goers, it was still early and i'm starting to think the four of us together is abit of overkill, so i'm thinking of making it just a threesome and dropping of Sunshine with some unsuspecting partier!  I see a guy with long blonde hair just coming back from this enormous buffet which has been laid out,(now i know why Rollin's is food!) he's got a pair of black sunglasses on and it's one thirty in the morning, he's to... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/28/12

Shannon Tweed's see through top!

                                     To be read after "I thought he was Chuck Norris" for continuity.  Having Sonya there made everything just gel, when i was talking to people like Jean-Paul she'd just talk to the partner and in Jean-Paul's case his wife, it was easy for her as they both had been Playmates and could've probably spoken forever but she was mindful that i was there to mingle and meet people and would happily move from wherever we were to somewhere else if i'd wanted to.  My main priority at this point was to catch up with Hef, when your at the Playboy Mansion it would only be common... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/26/12

I thought he was Chuck Norris!

                                   To be read after "Ferris Bueller wouldn't even know" for continuity.  We get up the landing steps to what looks to me like some sort of maze as there are three directions to go and according to Sonya each will take you to a different part of the mansion, and as we were going to where the "Fundraiser" was going on we needed to go left.  This labyrinth of underground elaborate tunnels was truly something to wonder at, as these are the same types of tunnels that dictators like Ghaddafi and Saddam Hussein had underneath their Mansions aswell, but i'm sure they didn't... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/24/12

Ferris Bueller wouldn't even know!

                                           To be read after "Why was Fred Durst there" for continuity.   It's not long before we see another monorail car heading towards us on the track next to ours, didn't recognize any of them,.... the redhead in the g-string bikini was quite impressive though and VERY memorable!  We soon get to the "station" we needed to get off at although there were tracks leading further along, these would remain a mystery for now, this place could be like the underground in Paris, where you can go below ground and wander around the sub-terranean tunnels and catacombs which a... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/23/12

Why was Fred Durst there?

                           To be read after "We do a ninja mission on the mansion property" for continuity.  I figure at this point in time it's probably a good idea to let Sonya drive this pink golf cart sized monorail  car which is used as Sonya tells us for quick private and fast way for the "live in" playmate's to get to the main house and back again.  We all get in and Sonya's a pro, she's done this many times before and off we go, not fast about ten miles an hour i guess, she tell us to take a look over to the left alittle further up, it's called the "Half Way", talk about a secretive... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/22/12

We do a ninja mission on the mansion property!

                         To be read after "Kim Kardashian showed us her real Bum" for continuity.   This truly aweful film i speak of is titled "Can't Stop the Music" and it was filmed around nineteen eighty i guess, and has Steve Guttenberg in it, he later went on to do all those "Police Academy" movies and probably ended up rather successful unlike the plastic surgery gone wrong Bruce Jenner, talk about fake looking! This film raspberry also has the "Village People" in it, they were actually the only part of the movie that was halfway decent, they had some sort of main role in the movie it's... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/21/12

Kim Kardashian showed us her real Bum!

                                       To be read after "Off To the Playboy Mansion we go" for continuity.   We've all regained our composure to some extent, for how long i can't tell you but as we turn into the driveway, we can see there are atleast six already ahead of us which means we've gotta wait until everyone in the limo's in front can get out and be "greeted"'  We chill that is until Otis relays to us that the limo two ahead of us had Kim Kardashian in it, we pause very briefly and then burst out into our crazy laughter only for a moment, then i began to tell the "ladies" about som... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/20/12

Off to the "Playboy Party" we go!

                                      To be read after "The drugs began to take effect" for continuity.  We were all just a mess, i began to laugh so much and so hard that i thought i was gonna throw up, fortunately i learned a trick in my youth which i was able to apply in this most unusal circumstance. i can't here and now explain what it is exactly but it helped pull me into reality again thank Christ!  I hadn't even really noticed that the inside had become more of a old fashioned "Discotheque", light and mirror balls, slightly kitsch but the effect it had was a great way to arrive at "The... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/19/12

The drugs began to take effect!

                                 To be read after "Charlie Sheen did "Wonders" for me" for continuity.  Now Otis was one "BIG DUDE",  now i'm six foot five and i felt rather tiny next to this megalith, he was built, like he was REALLY solid, i'm sure he could bench press an eye popping weight, i'm sure as fu*k glad he's not only our driver but personal protection aswell, someone would have to be out of their fu*k'in mind to attempt anything to any of us tonight that's for sure!  I had noticed when he opened the door, as he really had to bendover ,...and in doing so inadvertantly revealed his... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/18/12

Charlie Sheen did "Wonders" for me!

                           To be read after "Gross cat's piss smelling marijuana" for continuity. ""Charlie Sheen,..............who the hell would name their own strain of dope Charlie Sheen?  This is gonna be good i'm reckoning from just the really resinous trichomes on the nice size buds if i do say so myself, never smelled anything quite like it i figure i'll just roll one of these "Babies" into a nice sized spliff and start it off!  I did a really nice one this time, doobie that is, probably helps if your NOT distracted with one of the most visually appealling woman i've ever laid my eye... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/17/12

"Gross Cat Piss" smelling marijuana!

                                      To be read after "What happened to Tommy Lee the Turd" for continuity.  The show continues after her make-up was done, on went the lingerie, that was after she was happy with what she chose, i was, happy that is, and the "cherry" on top was the "Stella",.......... she works it in a most mouth-dropping way, i gotta get use to this atleast for now!  We go down the elevator to where Sunshine and Sonya are, they've been friends for years, and as they would, they've been catching up on each others gossip i can only imagine, we're both greeted with a kiss on t... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/16/12

What happened to Tommy Lee the "Turd"?

                                           To be read after "This room had a 150 inch television in it"!  I grab her hand and proceed to the elevator, i'm not really in a stairs mood right now and either is she. We go all of ten feet vertically and get out, i lead her to the "master" bathroom which i saw earlier on, never used it as my room has an en-suite which is where i showered before my afternoon nap, about a half the size of the "master" bathroom.  Now this bathroom was fitted out with an epic Japanese bath tub which could of fit six comfortably and was about four feet deep as we soon fou... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/15/12