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This room had a "150 inch Television" in it!

                                           To be read after "This handgun was a "Beast" for continuity! I head up to the Entertainment room and i can hear the babes having fun, ........don't know what their doing but i'm having some fun,........... it's not everyday i get to spend time in a place like this, the collections of all types of variety, different and unique all at the same time with background stories to all that i'm sure would be fascinating in their own right, EVERYTHING has a story. So i get to this door which i would of thought was similar to all the others and it wouldn't let... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/14/12

This handgun was a "BEAST"!

                                   To be read after "Snoop Dogg was going to be at the Party" for continuity. For this one was a very fair skin strawberry blonde babe, fully natural as the tell-tale freckles were there though suited her and  her  porcelin like skin. I get near to them when in unison they both say "hello James, ready for some fun tonight" then laughing these two were already well and truly off their nuts, Sonya and i looked down right sober compared to these two fire flies.  The one in the Cavalli mini was Meredith, the other, a very flirtacious bird i must say, she couldn't keep... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/13/12

Snoop Dogg was going to be at the Party!

                                 To be read after "Saute raccoon anus on a stick" for continuity.  I let Sonya get up and meet them at the door, quite frankly i'm so fu*k'in wasted at this point i'm wondering to myself if i'm going to see 1 o'clock let alone GO OUT to a party at 1 a.m!  I watch the whole time anyway as the computer monitors everything which happens on the ENTIRE property, and what was even twice as cool as that was what was getting out of the Limo,................UN-BEFU*KINGLIEVABLE!  These two were on another level completely, Sonya was by no means fugly, but these two were incredible, i WAS able... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/12/12

Saute raccoon anus on a stick!

                                       To be read after "Never mess with the Yakuza" for continuity.  I was beginning to chillout, if i was going to find out about the Yakuza it was an advantage to know now, and they never found out that i knew, better safe than sorry any day of the week!  Sonya wanted to know when i was in L.A. last, probably trying to get my mind off of things, i tell her it was before the "Wars".  But now, AMERICA IS BIGTIME PIGTIME!  "Everything is Kingsize, Extra Large and Super-Jumbo holysh*t", and the size of some of these semi-conscious obese people you might see waddling aroun... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/10/12

Never mess with the Yakuza!

                          To be read after "The Girls from San Francisco" for continuity.  After she'd finished her conversation and hung up she asked me "ya know who's in the other room don't you", "ah.........yeah, i was introduced to them earlier in the day while they were still conscious, their a troupe of Noh Theatre entertainers from Japan" i tell her, she looks at me rather pitifully and replies "you haven't been to L.A. before have you" "no, i haven't been to L.A. recently, and what would that have to do with who's passed out nextdoor" i ask her, she quickly grabs my "doobie free" hand... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/8/12

The Girls from San Francisco!

                           To be read after "Who's James Joyce she asked" for continuity.  I suddenly remembered that this house i was in was totally wired up, computers, surveillance camera's, internal camera's and hidden camera's and it only then dawned on me that this had all of a sudden become too easy, things in "REAL" life don't work like this, never this easy. I was still completely aware and in control of all of my faculties, my  kissing Sonya wasn't what concerned me, and it wasn't paranoia, this, paranoia has never been a factor in any experience i had ever had previously either. I w... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/5/12

Who's James Joyce she asked!

                      To be read after "I listen to Henry Rollins advice" for continuity. Sonya was totally cool about it.............i had only momentarily lost my mind, i put it down to the long day with only a few hours sleep, aswell as the MDMA and the spliff, yes, i was ultimately responsible for my actions but she didn't give two shits, as a matter of fact i probably could of taken her up to the sack at that very moment  in time by the way she reacted to this kiss, but due to the circumstances i knew that this would have to wait atleast a few hours more. I ask her "when do you think we'l... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/3/12

I listen to Henry Rollins advice!

                                     To be read after "The memories of Blue" for continuity. I just stood there and watched her below, she was completely oblivious to my voyeuristic observations from the second storey, that was until my phone fu*k'in went off and spoiled my fun, she was clearly getting into the whole groove and i was "so pissed"( Australian colloquialism for angry,upset, not drunk) the phone went off but i saw it was a good mate of mine calling from Oz so i turned around and slunk back into my room to talk as she continued to dance by herself in a rather erotic way, now aware i... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/2/12

The Memories of Blue!

                                                      To be read after "Never ever take the RED pill" for continuity. Twenty to nine my watch shows me, she's downed a "red" one i've down the "blue" and we've got twenty minutes before take-off! Although i've had personal experience's with this drug i ask her if she's taken any of these before, "only two times before" she tell's me, "and you" asking back, i explain to her that " i was taking these before she had ever had any inclination to have one"! "How old are you?" she enquires, i just tell her "i'm over twenty one" and "to stay there i'll be right bac... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/27/12

"Never ever take the RED Pill" !

                     To be read after "Three "legends" of Art were there in the house" for continuity. I get to my bedroom after gettting by the Noh crew, i was not about to poke my head back in after the last time, i've still got thirty or so grand of "K's" wad of cash in my pocket and have NO CLUE what i'm suppose to do with it at this point in time! I'm in no rush, so i go to put some music on and as i'm about to press play a display monitor turns on and shows a car heading into the driveway and to the front door, i watch, stops light off, automatic house security lights are on an... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/26/12

Three "Legends" of Art were there in the house!

                           To be read after "The computer automated home lives" for continuity. I begin to head towards my room, i hold off on any calls at that point as i need to grab a jacket to go with my outfit. So i'm walking past the room which was before mine, i hadn't noticed it until then, as this house is full of strange angles and various size and shaped rooms, not really bedrooms, more like viewing rooms as i think they were intended in there design. As i had some time up my sleeve, i strolled in to see what was in there, and what to my amazement was in there! This is on the sec... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/23/12

The computer automated home lives!

                          To be read after "Muscle car suspended in time, Too Bad" for continuity. I'm in the elevator when i hear my name being called by my sponsor, i'm thinking "where on earth is he"? ,i'm in the elevator by myself I thought, until he said turn around, now i know that i came down the elevator by myself, it hadn't moved the whole time i was looking at the muscle cars so i turned around anyway, only to see a life sized three dimensional holographic image of him on what was before the back of the elevator, a full length projection device and some sort of projection screen ins... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/21/12

Muscle car suspended in time, Too Bad!

                                          To be read after "Save the Hollywood sign Fundraiser" for continuity. I close the frig door, slightly overwelmed, I'm not feeling all that hungry now, my thoughts of food are soon forgotten when i catch a look at the message left for me by my friend,  she writes how they've gone out for the rest of the night and will be back in the morning etc,etc,i then read how there's a pretty good collection of muscle cars and other cars in the underground garage, and that i'd probably like the cars that are there! That sounds cool, i've got to go down to the underground b... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/20/12

Save the Hollywood sign Fundraiser!

                                       To be read after "Sometime you just have to say "What the Fu*k" for continuity. "Hey,......... I've gotta call Ronnie while I'm here" he tells me in a very animated way, as he turns and pulls out his "Blueberry" and heads for the upper verandah,(Ronnie James Dio it was, who's really unwell at this present time) so i head back to pop my head in and see how the Noh crew are now doing, and as i'm not surprised now to look in on guys who were, well what can i say other than the narcotic had taken full effect and these guys were out for the night! Being alon... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/19/12

Sometime you just have to say "What The Fu*k" !

                                    To be read after "Iggy Pop was there!" for continuity. I ask her if he (Jim) his real name is like mine James, James Osterberg, but goes by Jim, come around often,"No,he's only up here for the party,he lives down in Miami,but he wanted to come by and see the "living treasures" from Japan", he's having a good time in there, we laugh, she laughed more than me and adds it could be the Absinthe!remembering that was what they were drinking when i looked in, they had these little ampules of a greenish colored brew which they all were gleefully imbibing on. For those of you unfamiliar... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/18/12

Iggy Pop was there!

                                To be read after "Playboy and the Magical Fart" for continuity. I begin to try to figure out where to go now as this house is like a smalll labrynth to my jet -lagged brain, but i soon hear my Aussie friends familiar voice, though now i also hear another yet unknown person to me, so i follow the voices til i get to the kitchen where i was greeted by her and introduced to her boyfriend, who i'll call "Todd" for now, who was here only for a pop in visit, works in synthetic organic chemistry from what i could gather. Todd explained to me what exactly he does for... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/17/12

Playboy and the Magical Fart!

                                 This is to be read after "More Ralph Lauren Polo that i could imagine!" for continuity. On leaving my bedroom it's only then i notice a very large book case to my immediate right, i had completely missed this in my jet-lag stupor, i pause and briefly look at it, and not surprisingly by now I see some really rare manuscripts and bannned books, all of them at one point in time had been seen by the"Powers that be"as Art needing to be censored, un-Christian like or something to that warped effect! Erotic works like "Priapeum"by Virgil, ancient Romes greatest Poet ar... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/16/12

More Ralph Laren Polo that i could imagine !

                 This should be read after "I had Randy Rhoads guitar!" for continuity. So i sit down on the bed, just wanting to lay back and listen to some melllow music to relax and the remote for the music system is right at hand, i turn the Bang and Olufson stereo system on, these systems are really an audiophiles dream, and begin to go through the available tunes, again some interesting choices! One of them i see is Michel Redolfi, and his album Sonic Waters, which was recorded in pools and around the Pacific, and is largely a soundscape of complex diversity, recorded with submerged micr... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/15/12

I had Randy Rhoads guitar!

               This is to be read after "Andy Warhol's movie "FU*K" was there" ! for continuity! I really want to watch one of these right now but i can't as i'm really getting tired, so i turn around to this massive bed about twenty feet away from the doorway, til then I was not able to see what now I'm unable to do anything but see it! These things are usually in Museums not private homes, but this house and its owner are as unique as this Toledo -Salamanca Broadsword, a product of 13th. century Spain. This sword i found out later on was made and owned BEFORE Christianity came to Spain, and wa... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/14/12

Andy Warhol's movie "FU*K" was there!

                  This is to be read after reading "Woody Harrelson is cool"! for continuity. It's around eleven in the morning and i'm starting to fade due to the jet lag and the overexcitement of the day already, so i excuse myself and tell them that I'll see them later on as i'm wiped out and it's just that i've hit the wall and NEED some rest! I'm shown to my room and it's got a bed that would be big enough for Shaq, a ceiling that's completely glass with an external cover for darkening the room for daytime sleeping ,which i close electronically, then this fantastically HUGE futuristic... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/13/12

Woody Harrelson is cool !

                              This is the next part to be read after "Drunk Japanese living legends"! We all go to the internal elevator and head down to the lower level, where we see through the security glass, this glass had an opaque quality that ran through the middle of the glass, and when turned on it very very quickly turns off, it becomes clear long enough for you to be able to identify who's on the other side without them being able to see you! It wasn't Mr.Beckley but another friend here to see the "Noh crew" and it was someone i even recognised, as he played the part of Larry Flynt in a M... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/12/12

Drunk Japanese living legends !

This is to be read after "Don't treat Celebrities any different" for continuity. I instantly recognised her though it's been a good while now, would've been when i was Dolph Lundgrens stand-in for the Movie "The Punisher", which was filmed in Australia, she to was an extra, a call girl actually! She runs out and gives me a great big bear hug and kiss then say's "g'day Jerry", a name which i haven't gone by for quite a while now, i don't mind her calling me this as this was the name she knew me as before i was James, which i might add is my correct first name. i haven't seen her in this... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/11/12

DON'T treat Celebrities any different !

                              This is to be read after "John Densmore is cool!" for continuity. One of the first things someone like myself (a thankful NON-Celeb) learns about "famous people" when their in your presence is that they are just people like you and me, a) don't treat them any differently than you'd talk to your mother, father, sister, brother or cousin, because if you don't, they'll most likely think your some kind of weird sycophantic brown noser!  b) If there's no need to talk to them DON'T! c) No talking BS, only relevant info! d) Most importantly, "DON'T WASTE THEIR TIME"! Th... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/10/12

John Densmore is cool !

                                     This is to be read after "The Bugatti Veyron in L.A.!" for continuity. With all this excitement and sensory overload i was starting to get a mild, not heavy headache, so i ask her if she could find a chemist so i could get some headache pills(aspirin), she said that was no problem and as we were no longer on the freeway she said she would keep to the speed limit, i thought to myself, "well that would be a first", we seemed to have gone a LONG way in such a short time period. We pull up to the chemist, i go in, i locate these aforementioned pills, grab th... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/9/12

The Bugatti Veyron in L.A. !

                                This is to be read after "The Bugatti Veyron and the Babe"! for continuity. So we roared out of the airport, and i continued on my magical mystery tour, i was in what felt like a plane without the wings, this was truly a "Hypercar", (their NOT classed as Sportscars) that was only for the real officianado's though, with EXPERT driving skills! Once on the freeway, she really let the Bugatti Veyron show her stuff off! As you should know by now, i'm in the hands of people who i've yet to meet personally, though i've spoken to them on the phone, and have friends of friends, a... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/8/12

The Bugatti Veyron and the Babe!

                                        This is to be read after "96 hrs to L.A. and back!" for continuity. Before I had left Australia, I had been told that for the driver to be 100% sure i was who i actually said i was, and vice versa, i'd need to do ONE thing.  I would have to remember part of a verse from a poem written by the American Poet Robert Frost, written in 1922, that being from, -"Stopping by woods on a snowy evening"-, and after seeing then approaching the driver i was to say, "The woods are lovely dark and deep but I have promises to keep" then the driver was to reply, and mile... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/7/12

96 hours to L.A. and back!

After receiving an e-mail informing me that my presence was required in Los Angeles, I was rather amazed at the rest of the information this e-mail included. I won't include who it was from for privacy now, but i can say i have never met them, though i was aware of who they are in "the real world", and as this was out of the blue, i called the number, spoke to a personal secretary, who went though the fact that she'd pre-booked a 1st. Class ticket roundtrip for me, and that this was no joke, like "Punk'd", because in my mind i'm thinking this would be something A.K. would do!This is Ashton as the fashion icon K... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/6/12

Jello Biafra gets it !

For those readers who DON'T know who Jello Biafra is, have a quick look at my website, and you'll see my latest on-line work is of Jello Biafra in a close Portrait, titled Jello Biafra #3 in Pink 2012, former lead singer for the seminal American Punk Band, "The Dead Kennedy's"! Who could possibly forget songs like "Man with the dogs", "Kepone Factory", a personal favourite of mine, how about "Nazi Punks FU*K OFF" one i have a particular favorite bit and if you listen to my Youtube Video, Charles Koch, your Evil Incarnated,  type into Youtube Charles Koch, FU*K OFF, that's my video and yes that is... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/5/12

I'm really High on Stress!

High on Stress! I'm really High on stress right now, really @:^j''' but i don't write this blog to elaborate on my own condition, no, i merely want to put down a short blog about High on stress. I get the term from a movie i'm watching at this moment, that is after these meandering commercials end, i always mute! The Revenge of the Nerds, music by the Rubinoos??, where did they end up? Released in 1984, John Goodman is in this film, before Roseanne, and it was clearly filmed before he got really disgustingly obese. Ive actually seen less bloated corpses, than what John Goodman turned into after his... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/5/12

Charles Koch, shaped by the 60's, NOT! #CharlesGKoch

There's a propaganda video up on Youtube now done by KOCHFACTSTV, the mouthpiece of Koch Industries, and if you type in Charles Koch on Youtube, you'll see all the video's this corrupt and HIGHLY BIASED organization which i might add is fully funded by the Koch brothers in an attempt to flood Youtube with their "Greenwashing" and "astro-turfing" video's , in an attempt to control the arguement or debate about Koch Industries aswell as Charles and David personally.Here's MY COUNTER POINT VIDEO: Charles Koch, shaped by the 60's!,maybe the 1860's, certain... [more]
Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/3/12